VENOM considered as a major influence on thrash and extreme metal. Their early albums, “Welcome to Hell” and “Black Metal”, are important not only for the band but also for the worldwide music scene, since it has influenced many bands and erected a whole new metal genre; black metal. The band has faced many changes as it concerns its members, and during those different periods, they released albums which most of them indicated the complicated situation among the members.

The band returns with another full-length album called “From the Very Depths” which released on January 25, 2015 by Spinefarm. Containing of 14 songs, the album is opening with“Eruptus” and after that follows the homonymous “From the Very Depths”; a powerful song and one of the strongest parts of the album, which sadly are very few. In almost every song occurs a certain motif that gives a monotonous feeling while listening. The music and the intro are similar in the majority of the songs, and as a result, few of them can stand out the mass. For example, these are, the titled track, “Temptation”, “Crucified” and “Grinding Teeth”. “Ouverture” is the 11th track in the album, but it seems quite odd. The last song is “Rise” and begins with a live intro, but still, it’s nothing special.

VENOM’s new album is mediocre, with no great changes and outstanding parts. It will be natural if a big comparison between the present and the past will occur, but also unfair since it’s the same great band. So, in the future, we are looking forward to listening to better stuff from them.

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