Requiring no introduction, the almighty NAPALM DEATH, have released their new solid collection of political commenting grind-core songs. Grinding legend’s release this year, “Apex Predator/Easy Meat” can be seen as a backward move to a more punkish attitude with some quite new twists!

Although, having their core to its place, thus being punkish grind-core death metal, it’s quite refreshing to hear the old-school bands to experiment after so many releases, from the fall of the 80s to the present. Irregular, almost jazzy time signatures that appear throughout the album sound bizarre, though quite interesting to hear, the least. Some clean vocals with effects (almost weird to write this down as well) also give another twist and bring up an atmosphere of this well structured beast that “Apex Predator/ Easy Meat” actually is.

Be not afraid! Not straying at all, NAPALM DEATH keep once more their label name and reputation at highest standards! A buzzy enough production, small songs and speeding up throughout the majority of songs “Apex Predator/ Easy Meat” could not fail to remind the new lads who is responsible for everything that grind music is all about.

There’s nothing that can be wrong when you’re dealing with the monsters. Well, I’m happy to see that this quote surely fits NAPALM DEATH and their consistency throughout the years! Enjoy responsibly and grind on!

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