Formed back in 2004 in Florida, U.S., TORCHE is the less popular band from the newer wave of sludge metal in comparison with MASTODON and BARONESS. But wait… can we consider TORCHE as a sludge metal band? I don’t think so…

Anyway, the fact is that there is no one of the lovers of sludge metal or even heavy rock who knows TORCHE and doesn’t like them! With their fourth release “Restarter” being their debut one with Relapse Records, the Americans loudly shout they are ready to grow their legacy leaving their own landmark in history of heavy music.

“Restarter” kicks off with “Annihilation Affair”, a song quite similar to the older stuff of the band, characterized by heavy, bulky guitars accompanied by a robust drum’s rhythm to keep the tempo. The sweet noise that follows in the middle of the song, sounds more than pleasant to my ears due to the amazing production which ideally highlights the music in the whole album.

“Bishop In Arms” is the second song of the record which in just two-and-something minutes length can make you moving creating a fun JANE’S ADDICTION kind of vibe. Then, suddenly, right after the storm, comes the calm; “Minions” slows down the tempo and a calming trippy riff blows your mind away. “Loose Men” is going to awake you from your nirvana shaking you once again until the dense low-tuned guitar riffs of “Undone” alongside the bass-bomb cut your breath.

Thus continues the rest of the album. Those ups and downs and alternations from song to song will keep your interest during the whole record while the smart compositions will surely amaze you. It’s really impressive how TORCHE manage to blend their influences in their music creating their own unique sound. “Restarter” intelligently combines the heaviness of HIGH ON FIRE with the pop-side of WEEZER offering an eargasm which doesn’t lack of MASTODON’s effrontery neither QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE’s vagrancy.

Overall, “Restarter” is a super-catchy album which is going to make a hell of an impact no matter if you are a fan of sludge metal, alternative or heavy rock.  TORCHE hit the top and the future belongs to them. Until the release of the album on February 20th, take a taste below…

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