After London and Antwerp, it’s time for Athens to host DESERTFEST! DESERTFEST ATHENS will take place on the 7th and 8th day of October and it will feature 18 of the best heavy, stoner, doom and psychedelic rock bands from Europe and USA. Below, we present to you (in order of their appearance) all the bands who play in the two venues and will shelter this celebration of rock music!


Formed from the ashes of UNIDA, Californians HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES play riff-driven hard rock music that will make the first comers start the head banging and beer drinking at the 2nd stage of the festival. Even though they have released only one album these three guys are playing music together for almost 20 years. They are sure to deliver an honest, blood-pumping, kick-ass show.

Standout Track: Obey The Snake

Recommended Release: Using The Useless (2009)

BEGGARSSTAGE 1 / 18.20 – 19.00


BEGGARS (formerly known as “BEGGAR’S BLUES DIARY”), is a rocking trio from Athens. They have released 4 albums since 2009. Their music is a highly energetic, groovy, simple but effective old-school rock. They are guaranteed to make you shake your head right from their first notes in their live shows. Perfect starters for the 1st stage!

Standout Track: Devil’s Highway

Recommended Release: Devil’s Highway (2015)

SADHUSSTAGE 2 / 19.15 – 20.00


Thick, rough and heavy sounds will fill the air in the venue of the 2nd stage of Desertfest, while the sun will be going down in the centre of Athens.  The Greek sludgers SADHUS will be playing songs from their self-release debut album as well as the new song from their split EP that they released with AGNES VEIN last summer.

Standout Track: Abduction

Recommended Release: The Smoking Community (2014)

TORCHESTAGE 1 / 20.00 – 20.40


This known American stoner metal band will take over the 1st stage by 20:00. (At this point I would like to inform you that the stages will be in 2 different venues that are across the street so, please, be careful while crossing the road.) TORCHE, play heavy music that makes people feel-good while having a stage performance that no-one should miss. They will play songs from their latest release “Restarter” (2015) and more fuzzy and up-tempo songs from their back-catalogue.

Standout Track: Healer

Recommended Release: Meanderthal (2008)

WE.OWN.THE.SKYSTAGE 2 / 20.40 – 21.20


This is the only post-rock band in this festival. WE.OWN.THE.SKY performs instrumental rock that ranges from trippy to -really- heavy at times. Their sound is accomplished by three guitars and a tight rhythm section of bass and drums. Their music will make you escape the material world for a while and feel emotions that only this kind of music can create.

Standout Track: Raindrops And Oceans

Recommended Release: Earths Collide (2015)

TRUCKFIGHTERSSTAGE 1 / 21.20 – 22.20


Desert rock from Sweden. This phrase sounds a bit weird but it is real. These musicians have released five albums so far and their latest effort “V”, released a few days ago. TRUCKFIGHTERS‘ sound is the classic desert rock sound that was defined by KYUSS and their stage performance is explosive! They will be visiting us for the second time in Greece this year and judging by the first, lots of heads are going to roll on this Friday night!

Standout Track: Mind Control

Recommended Release: Phi (2007)

BLACK RAINBOWSSTAGE 2 / 22.10 – 23.00


Heavy-Psych/Stoner rockers from Italy who love the sound of the 70’s? Yes! They have recorded 5 albums that range from great to spectacular! BLACK RAINBOWS have the sound that brings sublime pleasure in the ears of every Heavy Rock fan out there. MC5 fuzz? Check! Early BLACK SABBATH riffs? Check! Vintage equipment? Check! HAWKWIND psychedelic effects? Check! Bring them on!

Standout Track: The Prophet

Recommended Release: Hawkdope (2015)

1000MODSSTAGE 1 / 23.00 – 00.15


1000MODS come from Chiliomodi Greece and they are one of the best stoner rock bands in Europe! They have just released their 3rd album “Repeated Exposure To…” and they will play their new –awesome- songs for the first time for us lucky attendees of Desertfest Athens, amongst their hits from their two previous albums. Just listen to “Vidage” below, learn the lyrics and let’s sing together: “Feel no sorrow, Feel no hate, Feel nothing at all, Hold me babyyyyyyyyyy-eah!!!”

Standout Track: Vidage

Recommended Release: Repeated exposure to… (2016)

RED FANGSTAGE 1 / 00.30 – End


By this time everyone will have gathered at the 1st stage were the beer drinkers and hell raisers RED FANG will bring this celebration of heavy rock to its peak and will end the party (until the next day).  The band’s motto is ‘Tour to live’ and they live by that since 2005. They have released 3 albums to date and their new album (“Only Ghosts”) will be released a week after their appearance on Desertfest Athens. Make sure you grab yourselves a 6-pack of beers and have fun with their extra groovy and heavy tracks! See you there!

Standout Track: Wires

Recommended Release: Murder the Mountains (2011)