Swedens’ heavy metal pride, ENFORCER, are back. “Into The Night” (2008) “Diamonds” (2010) and “Death By Fire” (2013) made them one of the trademark bands of this new Heavy metal generation, as each record was twice as good compared to its predecessor. Their new album is titled “From Beyond“.

“Destroyer” kicks off in full speed to deliver us the well-known ENFORCER sound we love them for. “Undying Evil” is the midtempo addictive heavy metal hit of the album with the awesome chorus. No wonder why it was the first lyric video. Up to the title track “From Beyond” goes on a more epic chanting chorus and overall atmosphere, meant for headbanging. “One With Fire” brings up the speed once more with the insane screams into an ACCEPT-like chorus! Then one of my personal favorites kicks in, “Below The Slumber”: balladesque intro going into a powerful chorus and then to a powerful middle part, ending in the same way it started.

Dual guitar harmonies open up the albums’ instrumental “Hungry They Will Come” filled with some of the finest Heavy metal riffage. “The Banshee” comes up next with groovy hard ‘n heavy riffage before speeding up to a kick ass chorus and a sick riff after the second chorus. After the passionate solo of “Farewell”, we are given more riffage the old school way! Things speed up on “Hell Will Follow” that breaks into midtempo in the middle. Time for the second and darkened epic of the album “Mask Of Red Death” showing a different side of Enforcer, incorporating elements from the dark atmosphere of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, ending in a dark riff fading out.

A darker record compared to “Death By Fire” but even better. ENFORCER are rightfully praised as one of the greatest in the old school heavy metal sound, as they know it so well that they can make modern day crushers! We simply can’t wait to see them live once more and crank as many beers to their killer music! Horns up!

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