Mysticism, crescendo, manifest! Three words that can describe MINSK and their work. After a long break (6 years) finally we have their new release “The Crash And The Draw”. MINSK is one of those bands mixing post, doom and sludge metal into their music. If they are doing it right they have proven it with their two previous albums (“With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone”, “The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment”). Now did they make it to keep their high standards of their work?

Well for me they did. Slowly growing with tension atmospheres, followed by desperate growling vocals is one of their signature elements. And we only scratched the surface. A couple well put blastbeats where they needed (the only fast moments of the album). Riffs that don’t belong to the typical forms of a rock-metal song, very twisted, growing in the songs, desperate and huge. And all these coming to a big and abnormal crescendo!

With “The Initiate” is like they explode after a 5-6 years hibernation. And they needed for sure. For the next half an hour they reverse-fashion with their tremendous manifested work. Then calm prevails like sitting back and take a breath for a while (“Conjunction”). And then again all take their previous form, with great tense and perversion. The album is closing with an opus. “When The Walls Fell” is all those things I’ve mentioned above and still more. A truly amazing diamond.

MINSK is not an easy band to hear and understand, but believe me if you give them the time they deserve then you will learn their full of emotions and tension music. And this is all this band is about.

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