I believe anyone knows what to expect from Dying Fetus and the band proves once again its worth.

The main recipe has not changed, Death metal riffs, brutality and Hardcore groove. This album is faster than its predecessor, ‘Destroy The Opposition’. From the beginning of the songs the dance takes place…down tuned parts, blastbeats, growls, intensively fast riffs . ‘Descend Into Depravity’ doesn’t allow you to stop banging your head through the whole play. One of the advantages of the album is the unimaginable and continuous changes in tempo. Fast Death Metal riffs come to be replaced by groovy hardcore riffs and vice versa, surely this is something that catches your attention on each and every song.

The artwork and the lyrics are again a big issue; the band continues to be one of the few bands in the wave of Death metal which are talking about political issues. As in their previous albums, Dying Fetus are inspired by the shitty actions of the government and by violent-everyday situations of the American reality. The lyrics remain brutal, violent, and completely in-your-face, and I suggest anyone who is also concerned in politics to take a look on ’em.

To sum up, ‘Descend Into Depravity’ shows that the band is still playing fucking DEATH METAL and is maturing from album to album, having a lot more to offer.

Track List Line Up
01: Your Treachery Will Die With You
02: Shepherd’s Commandment
03: Hopeless Insurrection
04: Conceived Into Enslavement
05: Atrocious By Nature
06: Descend Into Depravity
07: At What Expense
08: Ethos Of Coercion
John Gallagher – guitar/vocals
Sean Beasley – bass/vocals
Trey Williams – drums