After the in-depth interview by the bands’ frontman Leif Jensen, we’ll take a look at the bands’ new studio album “Intermination“. Dew-Scented are well-known for delivering the goods in the best possible way, being one of the greatest bands in modern day Teutonic death/thrash scene. Always had loyal fans, and anyone with a strong bond of love for death/thrash metal should check quality and consistent bands like them and Legion Of The Damned for that matter.

The member change didn’t seem to affect them in a negative way, since the album kicks in full-speed after the “Declaration Of Intent” with a song called “On A Collision Course”, creating massive circle pits in our heads and a great headbanging part in the middle. Things get more melodic on “Scars Of Creation” maintaning the Death/Thrash vibe every record of the genre should have, and the exact amount of modern influences so it won’t sound like more of the same. A vocoder sample brings in “Affect Gravity”, keeping up the album tempo, delivering an insane solo over a blastbeat. Up next to one of the most aggressive tracks on the record “Means To An End”, making it an instant mosh favorite.

More blastbeats in “Ode To Extinction” which has this balance between groove, atmosphere and speed. Speaking of groove, here’s a groovy spoken intro on “Demon Seed”, then turning into another Thrash tornado. “Power Surge” and “Ruptured Perpetually” keep up the energy flowing with some Death metal riffage to spice things up a bit more. “Living Lies”‘s addictive headbanging riffage follows, that could easily bring a Grip Inc. influence to mind, with one of the most beautiful solos of the album. “Atavistic” gives the bass some room to show itself in the intro before turning into another mosh anthem with a great breakdown. And they’ve saved another Thrasher for last, “Reborn” of course!

Dew-Scented are in their frontmans’ words “a meat-and-potatoes band”, pushing each other to improve with each record in the simplest way known (a.k.a. rehearsals), without leaving internal changes (band members for instance) affect the inspiration of the band. Germans should feel proud of you guys, can’t wait to see you crushing everything live!

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