NADIWRATH were formed in 2007 in Athens; this band feature members quite well-known in the Greek black metal community. Nadir (guitars) and Wrath (vocals) are also members of Dodsferd, Semjaza (bass) is also in THY DARKENED SHADE and ACRIMONIOUS. Maelstorm, well, is a member of quite a number of Greek bands, some of which are RAVENCULT, THOU ART LORD and DEPHOSPHORUS. The new album ‘Circle of Pest’ is being released these days via Drakkar Productions.

The whole album has a great sequence and flow that is being maintained by the fluctuation of tempos. 50 minutes of quality sound that is purely black metal and not as punk or as suicidal-depressive as in previous compositions. Northern, colder sound and guitar riffs that nail the audience in their seats carrying them to chilly climates. The vocals in some parts reminisce of the previous ‘depressive’ identity of the band setting a grimmer tone to the newly approached sound.

My personal favourite is ‘A New Humanity’ is an epic, melodic, quite simple in its structure yet absolutely powerful. Nadir’s guitar tunes and riffs in general are fierce and captivating and Wrath’s vocals being eerie contributing to the dark picture NADIWRATH are painting in ‘Circle of Pest’. ‘Breathless We Stand Upon Apocalypse’ and ‘No Praise to an Unknown … Failure!’ are typical examples of bleak melodies and cold atmospheres that transform day to night.

This album needs more than one hearings to unravel its hidden beauties – or in this case its ‘Dominance of Negative Thoughts’, which is the title of the second song. Those unfamiliar with the band – yet devotees of traditional black metal sound should give it a try and those who already, do will definitely appreciate it.

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