Since you’ve already read the studio report of the record, it’s time for something a bit different on the actual review of the album done right here.

““Arrivals” starts the album where the previous one left us. Full-speed ahead track, including sick solos, blastbeats and a Razor-esque chorus. “Medicide” is a lot faster than the previous one, with more blastbeats, insane high-pitched screams by Nick Tragakis (close to Watchtower/Toxik style, a key factor to the bands’ evolution), and a mid-mosh part, just to finish us off.

“Abnormal Generation” is a continuation of “Medicide”, both musically and lyrically, destroying everything in its path. Another trivia is that, that was the bands’ initial name. “Police Brutality” follows, including a blastbeat and a sick riff under the solo! One of the first new songs played live on the Thrashers United IV show. A track giving the bass some room to breathe, something made evident throughout the production, reminding me of early Testament production-wise. The intro riff to “R.F.I.D.” could easily be a continuation of the “Addicting Life Waste” main riff off “The Brutal State”, fast-paced yet melodic.

“False Flag Attack”: A track well-known on YouTube with the Mana mix/master, fast-paced, aggressive in the style of EXARSIS we all know, with a slight Kreator edge in the chorus. “Know Your Enemy (322)”/“Skull And Bones” comes in with a moshing intro riff, creating a mid-tempo track with an extremely catchy chorus and a bass break ala Sepultura/Dark Angel in the middle of the song. The bass is extremely audible on this record and that’s awesome. “Change Of Plans” follows with another moshing intro creating a track balancing between full-speed and mid-tempo showing us Vio-Lence and some Forbidden influences. Time for the final song “Brutal State”: An ala “Dying Earth” intro to a fast-paced track, highly addictive chorus, a true mosh anthem.

After lots of listens, apart from the production and its addictive compositions, this album’s a showdown, a punch in the face of everyone who ever questioned the willpower of Exarsis. Walked through fire, came back stronger than ever, kicking us INTO THE PIT!

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