MGLA (meaning “Fog” in the Polish language) is a creative duo from that has been active release-wise since 2005. “Exercises in Futility” was issued in 2015 constituting their third full-length album. MGLA’s fanbase has been growing rapidly along with other Polish bands enlarging and cherishing the Polish black metal scene. The members of MGLA are the guitarist/bassist/vocalist Mikołaj “M.” Żentara (who is also a member of KRIEGSMACHINE) and drummer Maciej “Darkside” Kowalski.

“Exercises in futility I” is introduced by a slow doomy intro which is replaced soon enough by highly melodic sharp riffing as MGLA is known to compose. The vocals are rough and tremendously atmospheric. “Exercises in futility II” involves chilly slow-moving soundscape while an ethereal touch is built by subtle drumming tempos.

“Exercises in futility III” and “Exercises in futility IV” come off full of energy and dark melodies maintaining the Polish black metal identity MGLA have established throughout the years. “Exercises in futility V” stands out having a grimmer and more distant sound – the sharp pulsing guitar riffing and the rapid pace contributes to the dark atmosphere. The last track “Exercises in futility VI” perpetuates the same motivo introduced by whispers while proceeding to powerful melodies.

The motif or repetition throughout the length of the album is maintaining the memorability, addictiveness and the majestic beauty of the compositions.

Characterized by melody, emotion and transparency, I am certain to recommend it. MGLA’s music is of fine quality – with no grand surprises – satisfying even a very demanding listener. Addictive, sometimes dissonant and torrential black metal. Go for it and you won’t be disappointed.

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