British Satans In Tuxedo

Following their reform in 2016, which was one of the greatest news of the previous year, AKERCOCKE set up a series of special shows to warm up for a new album release. Two shows in Greece for the first time? That’s a nice chance for us here at METALPATHS to spotlight the Masters of Twisted Death Metal from start till present… But wait a minute? Who the hell is AKERCOCKEAKERCOCKE is hell!

The UK pioneers of Death Metal, took shape when the band SALEM ORCHID split and Jason Mendonça (guitars/vocals) together with David Gray (drums) formed AKERCOCKE. Since then, AKERCOCKE is one of those bands, that really push the boundaries of metal music to its extremes. Showing another Class of entertainment, together with great proportions of intellect and top quality extreme music. Known to everyone, as the Death metal Satanists with suits, long before other bands decided to get on stage, dressed like that.

Their release history so far consists of five full length albums and two demos. On the following lines we will run through these full length releases to remind the ones who know and to enlighten and the ones who want to know, what AKERCOCKE music has been, so far.

On December 28th, 1999, three days after Christmas and three days before the Millennium celebrations around the globe, AKERCOCKE release their first full-length entitled “The Rape of The Bastard Nazarene”. There you have it. Satan and his tools. The album itself is a first attempt to shock the audiences but to be fair with their following releases , it surely has less to offer to its death/grind metal origins than their next ones . Here’s song “Zulieka” from the album.

On April 2001 and after signing a deal with Peaceville Records, their second full length is released entitled “The Goat Of Mendez”. Here’s where the musical character of AKERCOCKE starts to take shape. Progressive elements, acoustic guitars, and ritualistic interludes form another pack of songs quite more intellectual and strongest in character. Here’s proof song “The Ceremony of the Nine Angels” which is found last on the release track list.

Two years later on November 4th 2003 and after jumping to Earache Records, AKERCOCKE release their third full length entitled “Choronzon”. The progressive death metal elements together with the acoustic guitars and clean vocals blend harmonically for the first time, on a record with nine songs and three ritualistic instrumentals. Here’s song/official video clip “Leviathan”.

On October 10th 2005, AKERCOCKE release their fourth full length entitled “Words That Go Unspoken….Deeds That Go Undone ”. My personal favorite with the atmosphere of the record being that of a long ritual and the progressive death metal elements blending with acoustic/clean guitars and clean vocals blending together with black/death metal vocals this record is unstoppable. Here are songs “Verdelet” and the S/T.

On May 28th 2007, AKERCOCKE release their fifth and last full length so far, simply entitled “Antichrist”. One of their best releases so far as well, with a great progress of their unique Twisted Death Metal sound. This album and the following tour marked their disbanding in 2012 following extensive periods of inactivity. Here is song/official video clip “Axiom”.

AKERCOCKE revealed a surprise reunion as a band in 2016, featuring original guitarist Paul Scanlan returning to the band, along with newcomer Nathanael Underwood on bass guitar. A new album, “Renaissance in Extremis”, is not yet scheduled for release, though, the band posted a brand new song on YouTube on 24 April 2016, entitled ‘Inner Sanctum’ which you can hear in the link below.


AKERCOCKE will appear together with MGLA for two shows in Greece. Supported by Cyprian black metallers, TEMPLE OF EVIL, who also come for the first time in Greece and the one man band THE DEAD CREED. In Athens, on Friday 13th of January at KYTTARO CLUB and in Thessaloniki on Saturday 14th of January at Eightball Club. All courtesy of Krisis Productions.