We haven’t really recovered from our sweet hangover named ‘Earth Rocker’ and CLUTCH release another record, ‘Psychic Warfare’. As stated in the title, through the lyrical themes, this record feels like warfare, but an inner one.

What should someone expect from a Clutch record? The rockers from Germantown, US, need no introduction anymore. The band has evolved, step by step, record by record, to a blues-rock or classic rock memorable band, abandoning aggressiveness for feelings and rhythm. That’s the main reason we are able to enjoy songs like ‘Doom Saloon/Our Lady of Electric Light’ and that’s the main reason why Clutch are actually ‘classic’.

Riffing is another aspect of Clutch’s music. There are southern and ‘filthy’ dynamic riffs, blues choruses and explosive bursts. Drumming seems to accompany the melodies like heavy rain behind Neil’s harsh and expressive voice. The guitars are lightly distorted, rhythmic, and ideal for the specific record. The production of Machine reminds a lot the one in ‘Earth Rocker’, since those two records were likely approached by the man behind sound engineering.  ‘X- Ray Visions’ is the record’s single, offering the fans a glimpse of the band’s aggressive and fast stoner-rock side of music. ‘Firebirds’ is also a speedy one, a classic Clutch anthem.

As far as the lyrics are concerned, the personal moments of Neil’s life are unfolding, like the stories a man would tell during a gathering full of booze and friends, in a bar. After all, Clutch have always been our drinking-company, our hard-rock break from a passive routine. The element of surprise is no more something the band delivers, as they seem to have found their career’s destination.

With plenty of memorable riffs and melodies but far from sophisticated, Clutch return with the successor of ‘Earth Rocket’, adding songs for their explosive live performances, songs to drink to and sing along.

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