There will always be some groups that do some strange movements, which take us a little more time to figure out. But let’s take it from the beginning. SUICIDE SILENCE have existed since 2002. They originate from the US, and have released (so far) 4 albums. Their last, indeed, was released on 14 July 2014. More than a year up until now.

SUICIDE SILENCE plays deathcore. In my personal opinion, they play the most tight and full deathcore I’ve heard. I know how this statement seems, but this is my position. Listen to “Fuck Everything” from the album “The Black Crown” back in 2011. And to think that today, with the new line up, they are sounding more full!

So far so good, right? Kind of. We have to talk, at some time, about this release. Because this is an EP. That in itself says nothing. However, it is an EP released 16 months after their last album, with a song from this album (which gives its name to the EP), and has the same song in a different remix (why?), same song still live and instrumental, and yet another 2 songs live. All the live performances included in this EP, are from the band’s show in RockPart Festival held in Hungary, to which they appeared. Why?

The most surprising for me, in connection with this release is that, as stated by guitarist Mark Heylmum, this EP came out to take advantage of the multichannel recordings made in all their live shows (36 live shows in two months), and to maintain this “release cycle” that exists on their part. Which personally, I’m still looking for. Since from 2012 onwards, the band has released 1 album, 2 singles, 1 EP and 1 album video (“Ending Is The Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show). So, once again, why?

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