Well, MECHINA have become a must for every year. So like the three past years and this one they self-released their 6th album “Progenitor”. And another space odyssey begins.

I’ve said it and last year, MECHINA are doing something unique. They self-release their album and only in digital form. Something like this has the positives and negatives. But the one thing that’s for sure is that this band has balls!!

Musically MECHINA doesn’t stray from the borders that they put to themselves. Their futuristic, industrial death metal is at the least addictive to my ears. The obvious here is that the band has become more mature to their song writing and the use of the classical and electronic elements. Just focus on the last minutes of the “Ashes Of The Old Earth” song and you will understand what I’m talking about. Also the use of more clean male vocals and female vocals is another ingredient here, making the songs even more science fictional!!

One negatives fact that I sadly noticed in “Progenitor” is that the album sounds too digital to my ears. Almost that it was engineered and not played by human hands and musical instruments. I know that the band deals with all the futuristic chapter but I would like them to be heard more….human.

“Progenitor” is something fresh and a new chapter in MECHINA’s universe. A band with many unique and beautiful musical elements. Thank you for the new journey guys.

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