To be honest I’ve never heard of EIS before so I had to do a little research. What I learned is that this German black metal band has produced three other albums since 2011 and their sound can be described as raw black metal with some ambient-dark parts in a few songs establishing their own unique sound.

So, “Bannstein” is their fourth album consisted of five songs which walk on the same patterns as previous releases. Fans of EIS will not be that surprised from this album as it comes about songwriting and performance.

Album opener “Ein Letzes Menetekel” starts with an atmospheric ambient-like intro and same thing happens on second track “Im Noctuarium” with no surprises. Next is “Uber den Bannstein”; a ten minute epic song which shows us that the band can produce quality music and overcome their typical sound compositions. Slow and melancholic at the beginning, straight-forward and fast later “Fern Von Jarichs Garten” is the highlight track which boosts the album from being a mediocre release! You can feel the cold and sharpness while the songs unveils intelligent songwriting making it epic, majestic and the reason I love black metal! The album ends up with “Im Schoß Der Welken Blatter”, a slow and depressive song that develops perfectly and raises more the whole album.

Questions rises thou, cause there is some much difference between tracks from the typical and more or less same songs to a astonishing conclusion. Propably for the fans who are used to classic EIS songs and don’t act well on great changes. Nevertheless, it is a good album, I enjoyed it very much and I don’t think that will disappoint fans or new listeners like me. It is well written, nicely performed and has all the potential to melt in your cd players!

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