LOST SOCIETY from Finland is one of those bands that were really discussed among thrashers in the past couple of years. The most common complain of them all is them being the Finnish equivalent of MUNICIPAL WASTE, or not being original enough. My humble opinion is as follows: I liked “Fast Loud Death” thought it was a decently good album, “Terror Hungry” was even better, showing some of the groove they could come up with within their “full-speed-ahead” motif. But I was always curious about what the band could bring with their next album.

The first song of the new album “Braindead” is called “I Am The Antidote”, and that showed a completely different face of LOST SOCIETY, with PANTERA-meets-TESTAMENT kind of headbanging groove and Samy’s vocals getting more melodic giving us an addictive chorus. One more impressive thing in this album is the soloing which is absolutely exceptional for LOST SOCIETY. “Riot” follows keeping up this sort of tempo and motif, bringing an old school hardcore vibe in, with the bass being extremely audible. The speed goes up to the regular levels for LOST SOCIETY on “Mad Torture”, after the mid-tempo intro mosh part, breaking into a beautiful atmospheric solo and riff, blending both the new and old faces of LOST SOCIETY.

“Hollow Eyes” is another mid-tempo headbanger, showing the mature side of the band, with lots of melody and groove. “Rage Me Up” and “Hangover Activator” bring the classic LOST SOCIETY fun attitude back, with the most mature use of the breakdowns and groovy parts! “Only (My) Death Is Certain” is the longest song on the album, full of twists and turns. Clocking at exactly 8 minutes, with its clean guitar intro, the TESTAMENT-influenced melodies building up to one of the best choruses on the album, it pretty much sums up the make-over of those crazy Finns’ sound.

I loved the way these guys changed, incorporating fitting elements to their sound, and they have my full support on that. Suomi THRASH METAL Perkele!!

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