IMMORTAL is one of the bands, that the past two decades, had a really big role in the black metal scene. Abbath (Olve Eikeno), was one of the two people behind Immortal’s recognition and success, that after some law suites and a bit of drama, left the band (he couldn’t do otherwise) and announced the formation of a new band and a new album, under his own name. So, “Abbath”, is finally ready for our ears!

Right form the start, “Abbath” does not sheer off a lot from IMMORTAL’s sound. You can almost hear the same sound and I say almost, because Abbath’s perspective is a bit closer to the black ‘n roll and majestic tastes. I mentioned -a bit- don’t get yourselves a heart attack!

The album levels in high speed throughout its entirety, with only few times of “rest”. “To War”, has this black ‘n roll taste, I mentioned above, with an adrenaline injection. “Winter Bane” sounds amazingly cold, catchy and groovy. “Ashes Of The Damned” is a fast cold hell breaking loose, a crescendo of drumming and riffing while right here we hear the sound of trumpets at some parts.

On “Ocean Of Wounds” the band slows down a lot, but not the aggression of the song. Heavy, epic and cold, an ideal song for headbanging. Reached the half of the album so far, so far, and Abbath avoided the mistake of a boring repeating album. Another proof of this, is the following track “Count The Dead”. Chaotic and epic, with the guitars raging on and on and also featuring a guitar solo! One of the few on the album, I can definitely say that. “Fenrir Hunts” is thrashy, but also a lot Blizzard Beasts-like. A song to have a painful neck afterwards. “Root Of The Mountain” is one of the songs I liked a lot. Mid tempo at first, with an imposing atmosphere and changing to something doomy, in the process.

Closing the album, “Eternal”, is a song that reminds everyone to give a lot of credit to Abbath, for his involvement on Immortal’s sound. Fast as hell, with a lot influences from his former band. A strong, difficult to forget ending.

This album, is definitely a good start, for his new musical chapter. With a lot references to his past, but I wouldn’t expect it otherwise. I mean, that’s the way we met Abbath, that’s the way we like him. Black and cold and also with his crab walk!

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