RHAPSODY OF FIRE, is back with their second album after Luca Turilli’ s departure. If you are keeping score, Luca Turilli, is still winning 2 to 1. That’s because, the virtuoso guitarist flourished after his departure, delivering two exquisite albums, while his former band failed (and up to a point keeps failing) to overcome his loss.

Back in 2013, “Dark Wings of Steel”, was merely a shade of the band’s former glory, with its uninteresting songs and passionless performances. Nevertheless, this year’s follow up album, finds the Alex Staropoli and Fabio Lione duet, in a slightly better place, than three years ago. The album, has almost everything you could expect and need to hear from RHAPSODY OF FIRE. Epic scenery, with anthem choruses, which will remind you the band’s first four albums, choral vocals and vast melodic orchestral parts, courtesy of FYROM Radio Symphonic Orchestra. Longtime fans of the band, will much enjoy songs like “Winter’s Rain”, “A Voice In The Cold Wind” and the title track, while the best moment could be heard on “Valley Of Shadows”.

On the other hand, Luca Turilli’s absence, is still noticeable on the guitar work. Roberto De Micheli, is of course a very talented and skillful guitarist. Check out his guitar solo in “Rage Of Darkness” if you doubt that. But when you have an album mainly based on orchestra and the guitar work is made up of a few simple phrases and licks, repeated here and there (sometimes sounding out of place), you know that something is not right. Staropoli, should definitely give his guitarist a more active role on the songwriting process.

Some may even think that the album brings nothing new and that follows the same old pattern, but to be fair, no one wants or expects from RHAPSODY OF FIRE to change dramatically. In my opinion, “Into The Legend” is a step forward and away, from its predecessor. The band seems to slowly get back on the right path, proving that has a lot more to offer on this genre.

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