Quite a long time since these Dutch guys did release some new music. “Dualism” was a turning point back in 2011, and to be honest none knew what they were up to all these years. Having line up changes through these years which led to even more uncertainty and mystery on what their next work could sound like. Here we are, though, with “Phenotype” and TEXTURES even stronger. Let’s get into it!

Going further to their own journey, from their last shores where “Dualism” left us “Phenotype” goes even deeper to this TEXTURES quality and character. Djent-ish colourful grooves distancing even more from their first three albums but also keeping their unique atmosphere in tact.

Interesting grooves, melodies blending with aerial refrains, brutal passages mixed together with groovy downbeats. Excessive playing abilities unveiling throughout the entire release, giving the listeners the sense that these tunes have been well polished and worked through before they hit the stores.

The production, up to date and exemplary as always! From blasting, bombastic themes to extremely melodic passages these guys are a completely special kind of entity.

Even though it took them quite some time to get their new tunes to our ears, it worth the wait. To be honest this album is a slow burner. Quite more complex than its predecessor but also a few steps further challenging and tempting. TEXTURES made it once again. “Phenotype” goes on the journey, board yourselves!

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