I remember when I first heard German thrashers ACCUSER, it was through their album “Diabolic” (2013), to which I gave a 9/10 rating back then. 8/10 would be my rating now, as it’s a really good album of modern thrash metal, but lots of repetition in the riffing department and its length (just over an hour) doesn’t really help, in the long run.

“Predawn”, after its acoustic intro, sets the tone for the brand new album “The Forlorn Divide“, violently thrashing with some groovy parts to spice up the mix. “Lust For Vengeance”, keeps up the same way, with riffs that bring lots of KREATOR, SLAYER and maybe THE HAUNTED to mind, ending with a really nice melody. Apart from another crusher that is “Arbitrary Law”, the material starts to vary from the norm with “Unreal Perception”‘s headbanging riffage and “Impending Doom”‘s mesmerizing leads and groove.

The speed-ahead riffage returns, with “Tribulation” and “Perish In Oblivion”, showing some great lead work as well. The build-up guitar harmonies of “Fifth Column” come up next, only to turn into a thrash tornado, with a catchy chorus and some of the best solos on the album. “Sulfur Rain” and “Flow Of Dying” come to end the record with a bang, “Flow Of Dying”, probably the most technical and varied song on the album, with a killer old school break and amazing lead work. Also, they sum up the whole albums’ motif: full-speed ahead riffage (both old school and modern thrash-influenced), lots of groove for everyone and great solo work.

A really good thrash metal album, nothing too revolutionary for the genre, just a forty six minutes pack with solid headbangers, more compact than “Diabolic”. Worth listening to, especially if you like the modern thrash metal approach.

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