Sometimes, it’s difficult to write a negative review. No, to say the truth, every time is difficult for me to write a negative review. I mean, if an albums touches you and you are loving what you hear, is easier to express your feelings. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. OMNIUM GATHERUM, with “Grey Heavens” did a mediocre musical step for me.

The album has some acceptable moments and some bad moments. The most unfortunate thing, though, is that all bad moments are summed on the way they wrote most of the songs on this album. Melodic death metal, has become something like power metal, which everything has been played and the musicians turn back on their roots or come up with something interesting to catch their fans’ attention. This is where the problem lies. “Grey Heavens” is not interesting, at least not to the point that you will hear it, again and again.

There are some good songs, like “Frontiers”, “Majesty And Silence” or “The Great Liberation”.  But is it enough? Of course not. You would expect a lot more, from this band, for this album. One of the negative things also is the use of keyboards. Really, there are times that, they are just annoying. The production is very good, as expected from a Finnish band with that magnitude. The band, itself, is doing a great job on the performance factor, but as I said before, the problem does not ie there nor it does on the production part.

This wasn’t what I expected from OMNIUM GATHERUM. A bad moment among the better previous ones, “Grey Heavens” and what it represents, is a release, which any band should be allowed to have. A bad moment!

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