Swedish dark lords KATATONIA, have been around the past twenty five years, always on their own and since their foundation, always finding a way to move their music boundaries further and beyond. Having considerable time to compose and bring up their tenth studio album “The Fall Of Hearts” none can’t be apathetic to what they’ve been working on. Let’s see what this new chapter hides for all us listeners, fans or not.

To be totally honest, I’ve always admired the way KATATONIA managed to give life to songs, that have tons of melodies combined and at the same time are so easy listening. This tradition of their own sound, goes on as well during the lengthy “The Fall Of Hearts”. Jonas Renske sings, whispers, whips and takes you by hand as the guide through this difficult dark forest of songs. Believe it or not KATATONIA, have scaled all their skills a step further, joining the wonderfully complex world of Progressive rock/metal. I can’t be sure of who might be more involved or responsible of this new step, but as it seems the all new line-up had a lot to do with what you’re about to listen. The signs of the past , finally took shape and formed thirteen songs that sound as a huge labyrinth!

Vast riffs, melodies that could melt steel, and a unique style separates this new face of KATATONIA from everything they’ve done so far. Beautifully placed production, and an ideal modern KATATONIA record completely out of the box.

“The Fall of Hearts” marks a big step forward to this band’s sound, to what they represent. No excess on anything. Just greatly conceived music, without limits or restrictions. The gloomy, atmospheric KATATONIA are here, but finally their music strayed enough from their past to reveal another quite exciting sight. Don’t miss these soundscapes! Unique!

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