Italian doom /death masters NOVEMBRE have returned. After being inactive for seven years (2008-2015), they managed to gather once again and release their seventh studio album “Ursa”.

On “Ursa” nothing quite changes, since NOVEMBRE have always been quite stable and faithful to what they sound like. Their uncompromised doom/ death style shines even more with the progressive and classical elements that they’ve always added to their sound!

Eerie melodies and huge vast guitars that look straight to the metal sound of the late 90s, early millennium. Music that travels the listener to moisty novembrine forests, and foggy mountain lakes. Strong and touching to say the least, NOVEMBRE, never quite fail to take you somewhere else during a listening session.

“Ursa” reminded me of the days I first met NOVEMBRE’s music, the almighty “Novembrine Waltz”. That’s for two main reasons. The first being the quality and power of the songs and the second being the production which takes the entire journey to the maximum experience levels.

NOVEMBRE serve a genre that used to be quite promising. Progressive death/doom metal at its best. “Ursa” is a journey not to be missed!

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