After some years of absence, Greek dark metallers are back, with their fourth studio album named “Dark Masterpiece”. With eight years being a long time for a studio album, things got interesting, but uncomfortable, at the same time.

For those who don’t know the band, INACTIVE MESSIAH play melodic/ symphonic death metal combined with industrial influences, in general description of their sound. I can go on for quite some time, about their influences and the similarities with other bands, you could find, though. I will mention only the obvious ones. Rammstein and Septicflesh.

The symphonic parts make the album sound even darker and the industrial elements heavier. With this atmosphere being the basic element throughout the entire album. Heavy riffs with melodic leads, and symphonic parts giving the proper depth and feeling to each song. The production is modern, with everything exactly the way, they’re supposed to be heard. The problem, though, is not on the technical parts. It lies within the songs themselves. Surely, there are some good songs, but you’ll also find some quite common ones, with annoying repeating riffs. I know, it’s a bit confusing to say, that we have a good and bad album, at the same time. The thought or the road (if you prefer) that the band chose, is good and it could become amazing. But there is no surprise from the result. The music is focused on a safe and sometimes boring path.

After being silent for six years, INACTIVE MESSIAH came back with a safe album, with no actual surprises. With a sound that they surely can evolve and make great music. Be patient for the coming years everyone!

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