FATES WARNING, are somehow one of the earliest bands on this Earth, that tried to differ their sound from their earliest heavy metal days. Many years have passed, since their formation and FATES WARNING have gained their Prog metal Gods status, with their presence always being vital to the genre, the past thirty years.“Theories Of Flight”, their twelfth studio release finds Jim Matheos and the rest of band, at one of their highest quality releases ever! I’ll try to be, as simple as I can.

I’ll give it a start commending on its ideal and exemplary production. Crystal clear and exactly perfect for the elements of Fates’ music. No production is enough, though, without good songs. Well, about that, these eight new songs of this release, are not just good! They are extraordinary, great, huge and monumental!

Going on as fellow songs from their previous release “Darkness through Different Light”, all songs follow this pattern of heavy riffing, changes, guitar solos, harmonies and virtuoso standards, by all players involved! Ray Alder, is outstanding with his unique performance, giving the songs the ultimate flight to incredible heights. I feel almost out of words, because of the vastness of this record. Absolutely touching, in its entirety! I should say, this year’s Prog Throne has Fates Warning carved on it.

Ladies and gentlemen, “Theories of Flight” is by far the best progressive metal release of 2016 and one of the band’s top four. Don’t miss a minute without listening!

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