What makes a doom metal album, a good doom metal album? To tell the truth I don’t know exactly. I was always listening to what my ears fell in love with. Some prefer the more classic doom approach of CANDLEMASS. Others, add some death metal influences to their cocktail. Me, I like them both, but with a more personal taste to the MY DYING BRIDE school. OCTOBER TIDE, are of this school but also adding even more elements to their musical approach.

The additions are pretty obvious from the beginning. Early KATATONIA and SATURNUS mixed in the “pot”, making an interesting but usual doom-death outcome. I say usual, because in all the fifty minutes of the album, you have a feeling of something extraordinary is going to happen, but it never happens. Don’t get me misunderstood, there’s a lot of quality in the album and “Sleepless Sun” and “Nursed By The Cold” prove that. The problem here is, that the band has the ability and skills to release something extraordinary, but they only deliver a beutiful album, with songs that don’t give the proper boost, for some steps forward. I’m not disappointed from the result, but for me it wasn’t an album that made me put it on repeat.

I wish they could get more focused and the result will be awesome, next time. As I mentioned before, here, we have a skillful band and not some fresh kids, without experience. I know that an album sounds different in someone’s ears than someone else’s. OCTOBER TIDE, did something that will surely divide fans’ opinions. My opinion, was different the first time I heard “Winged Waltz” and surely it wasn’t objective. Listening to it, time after time, I sketched out a more focused picture of what’s going on. OCTOBER TIDE’ s new release is not bad at all, but it’s not that good to make you yell “wow” either!

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