World Gone Mad” is the twelfth studio album by the American crossover thrash, hardcore punk, funk metal (so many labels!) band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES as known as S.T. or SxTx, released on September 30, 2016.

Three years after the release of “13” S.T. returns with “World Gone Mad” and Cyco Miko with his mates try to show to their fans that the world gone mad indeed. Well, the name of the album couldn’t be more accurate. There is economical crisis, the planet is totally ruined and the stupidity is pandemic.

The first song “Clap Like Ozzy”, which obviously refers to Mr.Osbourne and his signature clapping on stage, is the first song in the album which teleports us to the old-school hardcore punk songs with the unlimited psycho guitar solos & funky bass of S.T. we all loved.

The Californians has kept the traditional suicidal style with the classic crossover thrash, hardcore-punk, metal funk (so many labels!) and Mr. Lombardo proves he can hold his own in the band while the bass comes to complete the whole heavy attitude that makes us furious.

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect to listen the twelfth studio album without many heavy catchy riffs, impressive out of space funky bass lines, fast classic thrash guitar solos and last but not least, the superior recognisable vocals of Cyco Miko combined the political lyrics. This huge band is impossible to write a “just good album”. After all, there are significant differences between their albums, from crossover to metal thrash and punkrock to funk, but still amazing one by one. They never afraid to push the boundaries of music.

This album also features those special unique elements that S.T. has always in their music almost 35 years. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that this is the last album of S.T. Then, the world will gone mad without this funky crossover music. After all, they are not THAT old!

Last song, last lyrics: “This world don’t deserve my love, I need to find new world”, I couldn’t agree more Mr. Cyco.

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