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One of the writer’s favorites, when it comes to Dutch death metal and one of the genre’s most honest bands one would say, have returned. After the big interview they gave for by the one and only Martin Van Drunen, we get to take a look at the brand new ASPHYX album “Incoming Death”, first full-length with Stefan “Husky” Huskens (DESASTER) behind the drumming kit.

The album kicks in with the full-speed ahead crusher “Candiru”, made for big circle pits in their upcoming gigs. Everything is in its place: Martin’s signature vocals and the crushing guitar tone we all adore in ASPHYX. The doomy intro riff of “Division Brandenburg”, brings the first mid-tempo crusher, blending with “Wardroid” and its BATHORY-influenced riffage, coming at you like a huge bulldozer.

“The Feeder” carries on the same tempo, while giving it more of a mosh-attitude towards the end. As for the next song, “It Came From The Skies” along with its fired-up mid-tempo riffing meant for insane headbanging, before speeding up after the middle of the song.

“This is ASPHYX at their finest.”

“The Grand Denial” follows with its heavy-as-fuck intro riff and mourning lead work, into some devastating death metal, the old school way. You missed the speed you say? Here comes “Incoming Death” to destroy your venue, your neck and everything that lives and breathes. “Forerunners Of The Apocalypse” keeps on killing, the old school way, just in a more mid-tempo style!

“Subterra Incognita” brings back the doom feel, with its heavy-as-fuck ending riff, followed by a beautiful piano (yes, piano has a place in death metal).

“Wildland Fire” with its DARK ANGEL-like riff making our necks go crazy once more, being one of the best fast songs on the album.

Time for the long epic closing the album in the true ASPHYX tradition. This is “Death: The Only Immortal”, opening with an epic riff in the vein of epic BATHORY, then giving the bass some room to breathe, before turning into a death/doom riff-o-rama.

This is ASPHYX at their finest. If you thought Bob Bagchus’ departure, would affect the band negatively, think again, and prepare for the INCOMING DEATH!