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We have come to the point where whatever record METALLICA will choose to release will be judged as either a masterpiece from the press that just want to stick with the classics or as trash from the fans that prefer to seek originality into a band’s music. I always considered myself as part of the second group of fans. That’s the main reason why I chose to justify METALLICA for the ‘Black Album’ choices as well as the ‘Load/ Reload’ ones, while condemn them for the ‘Death Magnetic’. ‘Death Magnetic’ is a lovely record in fact, but an over-hyped one as well.

First things first; METALLICA do not need to experiment any more. They have done almost everything in their career, from thrash metal to a groovier style, from the ‘Load’ experiment to tribute rock covers like ‘Whiskey in the Jar’. What should someone expect from METALLICA then? Well, the specific record is the answer. ‘Hardwired to Self-destruction’ is a duo-disc record with songs that could actually characterize METALLICA. It’s like a mash-up of all their previous records. There are thrash moments, riffs and songs in it, but the style in overall is somehow a more aggressive ‘Black Album’, at least in my ears. There is groove in the songs and there is soul as well, when you don’t try to satisfy only your ‘thrash-years’ fans. ‘Atlas Rise’, ‘Hardwired’, ‘Spit Out the Bone’ rewind the ‘Death Magnetic’ years but there are also tracks like  ‘Now That We’re Dead’, ‘Halo On Fire’ and ‘ManUNkind’, which highlight a catchier side of METALLICA, with groovy choruses and edgy riffs.

“James is the reason why METALLICA sound so fresh in 2016”

The sound is in overall in a better shape than in their previous release. On ‘Death Magnetic’ everything seemed to be characterized with derivatives from the word ‘over’. Overproduced, uber-loud, overhyped. In ‘Hardwired to Self-Destruction’, the band found the sound they are still familiar with, offering the band the chance to perform aggressive and speedy without sounding annoying at points. There is also another factor that makes the record unique and that factor is Hetfield. James is the reason why METALLICA sound so fresh in 2016. His voice can adapt almost everywhere and, being in good shape, he brings memories which are beloved from the metal fans.

With material that can be amusing and addictive, vocal lines that kill and respected guitar solos, METALLICA state that they are not only a live band any more, but they can offer something new, but at the same time something classic. Don’t try to mess up with the ‘I (re)member’ thoughts and comparisons with the oldest METALLICA records. It’s the god-damned 2016!


“Having spent a long period of time experimenting and fighting their own demons, METALLICA managed to return more confident and more mature to deliver us their best record since the release of Reload. They just had to look back at their past and move forward.”

“Metallica is here and most powerful than before. New album is more than good and their marketing tricks gave them a huge boost in coolness and respect. The best rock act of our times, plays metal in the best way. Please enjoy and leave the grumbling.”

“New Metallica recaps Master, Black, Justice & Load/Reload in a 77-minute gem. Fav track: Spit Out The Bone.”

“Is ‘Hardwired… To Self Destruct’ a decent heavy metal album? -Yes.
Will it bring brand new listeners to heavy metal music like ‘Black Album’ did? -No.”

“Metallica are back, more mature than ever, doing it their own way, once again!”

“Metallica proved once again that they have tons of imagination and creativity left. They are back with what they know best.”

“A band like Metallica has nothing more to prove and few more things to win in their present career. These are two of the reasons that made this album a great one!”

“Metallica with “Hard-wired…” have finally managed to merge their entire carrier into one multi-faced album, without production problems. Their most interesting release since 1997’s Re-LOAD”

“Metallica are capable of doing good and bad albums and they are back with a new recording. A try to redeem their thrash past with some decent songs, but nothing new comes out with “Hardwired…”!!! Do Metallica need to prove themselves?”

“Multifaceted & Rejuvenating. It will definitely stay in our play lists for a little while.”

“Metallica defined your years in elementary school, high school, your first sexual experience, your first beer, your years in college, the very minute you reached 30. In a few words, they defined your whole life. Well, guess who’s back in town motherf*ckers.”

“It seems to me that Metallica found the long lost peak of destiny and created this masterpiece. Definitely they are not as influential as the good old times but one thing is for sure, they produced a fully respected album that nobody would dare to misjudge.”

“The Death Magnetic they should have made. A proper album, a Metallica album with quite excellent composing except some Hammet’s solo phrases. Overall, finally younger ones can live in 1990’s in 2016!”