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Is ANAAL NATHRAKH’s music a soundtrack to the Armageddon? Well that’s how many could introduce them to you. And they are absolutely right. The British duo has put a new release and I am honoured that I had to review their album once more. I am always aware of what I am about to listen to, but if you are up to hear to some AN for the first time, you will experience a full mind, body and soul blow up. Do not be alarmed, it is supposed to do this.

The extreme metal is something that I am fan of for almost a lifetime, and what this may refer to is so diverse including subgenres from death, thrash and black metal to grindcore and crust punk. And the music of ANAAL NATHRAKH is so extreme like nothing you have ever witness. Take my word on this. They combine most of the extreme subgenres in the most sufficient and violent way. But let me go deeper.

On the beginning of the album we listen to the intro titled “The Nameless Dread”. The sounds are that of a nightmare, which could make you scream, luckily the power chords that close up this one minute defuse the tension. Or do they not? “Depravity Favours The Bold” starts with those industrialised choirs that remind me of the “O Fortuna” part in Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” and from that point and on all hell breaks loose. This song is clearly a connection point to the previous CD “Desideratum”. The name of the next track I believe says it all. “Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion”. Do I have to say anything else? Listening to this one and you will plead to what the title suggests. While those two are by now the most known pieces of the album and some may say the best of the album – an absolute wrong opinion because what follows is more ferocious than before. Violent riffs with melodic venomous leads and electronic samples to complete the terrifying atmosphere. The title of the album brings on mind the thelematic quotes of Aleister Crowley, but the law in which ANAAL NATHRAKH refer to is the law of conflict. The title of the next song says it all, “We Will Fucking Kill You”. This track really grabs you and throws you to the wall without mercy. Melodies and brutality combined like never before and we can even hear a guitar solo.

“The ideas and the philosophy behind the whole creation of “The Whole of the Law” are again so deep and they can put on debate at any given opportunity”

In terms of production the British band with Mick Kenney again in charge made a step forward. From their beginning until now they manage to progress their creations both orchestration-wise and production-wise. The electronic elements are having a leading role again in favour of the dark aesthetics. This darkness is enriched from every V.I.T.R.I.O.L.-ic sound that the mouth of Dave Hunt spits out; even if these are incomprehensible screams, spitted words or KING DIAMOND-esque falsettos. I used to give some songs as highlights in my reviews. In the case of AN’s new opus I find myself incapable of doing such. All of the tracks are completing each other and all together make up a masterpiece of extreme metal. Even the cover songs; “Powerslave” of IRON MAIDEN and “Man at C&A” of THE SPECIALS are brought to the ANAAL NATHRAKH frame and they do not sound like foreign matter. This is how cover songs are supposed to be made.

Every time I am about to give an opinion about what these guys do, I find myself trying not to write a thesis for a master degree. The ideas and the philosophy behind the whole creation of “The Whole of the Law” are again so deep and they can put on debate at any given opportunity. In conclusion, I am always indecisive when I am about to rate AN’s albums and the ranking of 8 out of 10 might be low for what they deserve. But I know they can overcome this on their next attempt, so I just wait until it comes out!