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This is the second album by the British band DEVILMENT. It features Dani Filth (of CRADLE OF FILTH fame) as the main vocalist just like in their first album. The current line-up doesn’t feature the person who used to be the main composer and formed the band though, Daniel J Finch, who left the group in late 2014.

This fact has not altered the sound of the band too much and they continue playing their style of symphonic gothic metal with groove metal elements. The record’s main single “Hitchcock Blonde” is a song that is a perfect example of that style but it’s only the track named “Full Dark, No Stars” that stands out. In that one Lauren Francis (keyboards, backing vocals) handles half of the song’s singing and her talent shines bright like a diamond! Her poppy vocals along with some gothic metal melodies from her keyboards are the best this album has to offer. In every other track DEVILMENT sound like slower and plainer CRADLE OF FILTH.

DEVILMENT sound like slower and plainer CRADLE OF FILTH”

I don’t know what the sales dynamics of this band are but I don’t believe that they have created anything that the metal fans are in desperate need of. If Dani Filth will leave more space for Lauren Francis in their next release they might manage to make something that is worthwhile. Until then the “II – The Mephisto Waltzes” cd will probably gather dust upon the shelves of the CRADLE OF FILTH’s fans that bought it just because Mr. Filth sings in it …and I really hope they were the only fool enough to buy it.