One of the legends of the atmospheric/symphonic extreme metal scene, SEPTICFLESH, will be performing live at Kyttaro Club on Saturday 5/3/2016, together with guest bands Lloth and W.E.B.. What about warming ourselves up, with a wish playlist for the headliners?

We all know their recent standard choices from their set list (Anubis, Persepolis etc.), and we definitely enjoy them, as modern-era classics, of the band. But who wouldn’t like a surprise from a band he has a soft spot for in their heart?

Well we do so, Metalpaths takes a dive at 10 choice cuts from their entire back catalog and suggests some favorites, that we’d really like to hear in their upcoming shows.

01. “Mystic Places At Dawn”

It’s always nice to have an old school, full speed track, in your set right? Especially, for the old fans, that follow them since their early days, when Septicflesh sounded like a blend of Morbid Angel and Entombed.

02. “Esoptron”

Mesmerizing track of the early Septicflesh days, taking us all the way back to the 90s, when the band was trying to create its own sound and personality.

03. “The Future Belongs To The Brave”

Apart from its strong and inspiring title (slight reference to Homer’s saying “fortune favors the brave”), its headbanging intro rhythm and turn into an extreme metal mayhem, sounds ideal for live shows.

04. “The Eldest Cosmonaut”

The first video of Septicflesh, and a special song in the most beautiful way, due to its use of female vocals. Certainly deserves more play-time on their shows.

05. “Marble Smiling Face”

Another rocking and straightforward track, with an intro riff that sticks in mind and never leaves, in the melancholic/romantic fashion, which Septicflesh are masters of.

06. “Science”

One of the most rock-driven Septicflesh tracks ever, and a track that displays how important Sotiris’ voice, really is! Perfect for live shows.

07. “Virtues Of The Beast”

This one has been played before, so it’s the most “popular” on this list. But its one of my personal favorites, and it should never leave the band’s regular set list.

08. “Sunlight Moonlight”

One of “Communion” ‘s hidden diamonds, one of the finest melodic choruses of Septicflesh, it’s begging to be performed live!

09. “The Vampire From Nazareth”

A standard choice from “The Great Mass”, it never gets old though. A crushing live track, trademark of the latest Septicflesh motif.

10. “Prometheus”

The second official video of Septicflesh, paying us off for all the years we’ve been waiting for another official video release. A more doom-ish track, but still 100% Septicflesh!

[page_title text=”BOTTOM LINE”]

Some of these choices/suggestions ,will hopefully be full-filled, by the end of the coming Saturday night and some of them won’t. The bottom line is, to enjoy this great band on stage once more, as they are always a pleasure to watch, nonetheless!