Septicflesh, W.E.B., Lloth // Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece // 05.03.2016

Some modern extreme metal bands, know how to set up the most amazing live shows. Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and of course SEPTICFLESH, which is the oldest of the three. After the super successful tour for the promotion of their latest album “Titan”, the promo cycle comes to an end at Fuzz Club. A Saturday night, with companions and partners in crime, the bands W.E.B. and Lloth.

LLOTH, the reincarnation of ASTARTE after the demise of Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri (always respected – never forgotten), hit the stage at 20:00 sharp. From what I saw, they managed to warm up the audience for good, with their melodic Black/Death metal songs like “I (Dead Inside)” and “Athanati”. Like they said, they’re going to finish the final Astarte album “Blackdemonium” and move on to the first Lloth full-length (after the “Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil” demo). They didn’t forget to thank everybody for their support and Septicflesh for inviting them on, and neither did W.E.B. who showed up right after them.


W.E.B. , crushed everything even without Darkface being able to play guitar (wish him a full recovery for his broken arm), but that didn’t stop him at all, from devastating the stage and making the crowd go crazy, with songs “Cockroach” from “Don’t Wake Futility”, “Enthroned”, “Blessed Blood” from “Jesus Heist”, “My Storm Upon You” from the homonymous EP, “Eligos” and “For Bidens” from “For Bidens” and a brand new track called “Dracona” from their upcoming yet untitled album, sounding killer as it should be. They also introduced their new guitar player, who performed for the first time on stage together with them.


After all this, it was time for SEPTICFLESH to hit the stage. Aren’t they mesmerizing, in the most extreme way when playing live? “War In Heaven” from “Titan” and each and every one at Fuzz Club got in the mosh pit! A band in the most amazing form possible, experiencing the warmest of welcomes back home. We heard songs from “Titan” (“Titan”, “Burn”, “Order Of Dracul”, “Prometheus”, “Prototype”, “Burn”, “Dogma”), from “The Great Mass” (“The Vampire From Nazareth”, “Pyramid God”, “A Great Mass Of Death”), from “Communion” (“Anubis”, the title track, “Lovecraft’s Death”, “Persepolis”) and from “Sumerian Daemons” (“Unbeliever”). The bands’ second gig and first full gig with Krimh (Decapitated, Behemoth), who was specially introduced at the end of the show right after “Anubis”.


With Seth’s haunting intros (this man should definitely narrate a horror film or something), this gig was a Septicflesh showdown as it should be! Those who were dissatisfied with the half-hour set of Septicflesh at the Metal Hammer party, were definitely pleased, although I’d personally love to see them perform some older material. But even so, the gig was full, and so was the audience! ALL HAIL SEPTICFLESH!

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