It’s amazing how a song affects someone through the years. And not necessary a well-known song or the band’s best hit. Each band has a lot of great outsider songs that fans love, however, they don’t use to be played live.

MEGADETH is a band that you love or hate. Well, sometimes it happens to love their music but not their frontman so much. Even though, there are very few, or better, there is no other man than Dave Mustaine who can talk proud about making a band for revenge and achieving to be one of the best and most famous out there.

On July 5th MEGADETH return to Greece for another live show. On occasion of their performance, we picked out the 15 best outsider songs we want to hear live and we would definitely go crazy with and hopefully, you too! See you there Megafans!

15. 99 Ways To Die (Hidden Treasures)


14. Die Dead Enough (The System Has Failed)


13. Dread And Fugitive Mind (The World Needs A Hero)


12. FFF (Cryptic Writings)


11. A Secret Place (Cryptic Writings)


10. Victory (Youthanasia)


09. Blood Of Heroes (Youthanasia)


08. Architecture Of Aggression (Countdown to Extinction)


07. Psychotron (Countdown To Extinction)


06. Five Magics (Rust In Peace)


05. Take No Prisoners (Rust In Peace)


04. Mary Jane (So Far, So Good, So What?)


03. My Last Words (Peace Cells But Whos Buying?)


02. Good Morning/Black Friday (Peace Cells But Whos Buying?)


01. Rattlehead (Killing is My Business…And Business Is Good!)