Alex Webster

CANNIBAL CORPSE Bassist Talks Masturbating On Tour Bus: ‘If Somebody Knows It’s Happening, Then You Blew It’

On June 25, bassist Alex Webster of Florida death metal veterans CANNIBAL CORPSE was interviewed by El Prezidente of 91.3FM WTSR's "The Chainsaw Symphony". You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. Asked about CANNIBAL CORPSE's touring setup and how he navigates masturbating regularly on "a bus with a bunch of dudes," Webster said: "This summer [on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival] we're not [sharing a bus with any other bands]. Sometimes we share, sometimes we don't. It just really depends on what our budget is. When we have enough money coming in from the shows to be able to pay for the bus all by ourselves, that's generally the option we'll take, just to have that extra space." He added: "I think with anything personal like that [masturbation], you just… you know… discretion. [laughs] I will leave it at that. [laughs] If somebody knows it's happening, then you blew it. [laughs] And I won't talk too much further about that. But yeah, man, anything like that, I think, yeah, discretion is very important. Nobody wants to know that kind of thing is going on right next to them, you know. [laughs]" Webster also spoke about the CANNIBAL members' family situations and how having kids is affected by the touring lifestyle. "I'm married — no kids — but yeah, me and my wife have been together, married in 2001, and we were actually seeing each other since 1997," Webster said. "So I've been very settled into that whole situation for a very long time now. The other guys… Like, George ['Corpsegrinder' Fisher, vocals] has been married a long time and has two daughters. Paul's [Mazurkiewicz, drums] married as well; he's got a daughter. Rob [Barrett, guitar] has a wife, [but] no kids. "Me and my wife never wanted to have kids; that was something we both agreed on long before we even got married, as a matter of fact. It's the most important thing a person could ever do, so that decision shouldn't be taken lightly. You're creating a human being, so you have to really be in the right frame of mind for that. And my wife and I knew that we were never gonna be in the right frame of mind for that kind of a thing; it just wasn't something that we were inclined to do. But for some people, it's absolutely the right decision. You've gotta just think it over; it's an important thing." CANNIBAL CORPSE will release its new album, "A Skeletal Domain", on September 16 via Metal Blade Records. The band switched gears for the new CD, opting to work with producer Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, DEVILDRIVER) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida, after having tracked their previous three outings ("Kill", "Evisceration Plague", "Torture") with Erik Rutan.

CANNIBAL CORPSE Bassist: ‘I Don’t See Us Ever Officially Breaking Up’

CANNIBAL CORPSE will wrap up its 25th-anniversary celebrations for 2013 with a pair of shows in Florida, which has served as the band's base of operations since relocating to Tampa from Buffalo, New York in 1994. The concerts are scheduled for November 29 in Ft. Lauderdale at the Culture Room and November 30 in Tampa at the Brass Mug. Asked by Tampa Bay Times if this milestone of 25 years really means anything to the band or if it's just an excuse to play another show, CANNIBAL CORPSE founding member and bassist Alex Webster said: "It's an opportunity for us to stop and look at what we've done. You're just trying to live your life day by day, and you're not thinking in terms of years. … But we had a lot of people around us saying, 'This is a really big milestone and you should celebrate it,' and that got us thinking about it. I've spent more than half of my life in this band. It's at this point where you realize, Wow, this band is my life. Twenty-five years — it's not a passing thing. It is something worth celebrating, I think, that we've been able to spend a quarter of a century playing our favorite kind of music and actually making a career out of it." Regarding whether he thinks there's any chance he will still be doing this 25 years from now, Webster said: "Whew. Honestly, I do think there will be a presence of our band in 25 years. It just won't be what it is now. In 25 years — let me do the math real quick — I'll be pushing 70. … I don't see us ever officially breaking up, but I could see us being gradually becoming less and less active. It's normal. Sixty-eight years and still playing extreme death metal? Check back in with me in 25 years and we'll see if that actually pans out. [laughs]" Metal Blade Records has been releasing one picture disc a month from the band's expansive catalog of releases ("Eaten Back To Life", "Butchered At Birth", "Tomb Of The Mutilated", "The Bleeding", "Vile", "Gallery Of Suicide", "Bloodthirst", "Gore Obsessed", "The Wretched Spawn", "Kill", "Evisceration Plague", "Torture"). A total of 12 pictures discs will be released, covering all of the band's full-length studio albums, some of which have never been released on picture disc. Earlier this year, it was announced that CANNIBAL CORPSE was selected for induction in the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame as a member of the Class of 2013. CANNIBAL CORPSE is the latest addition to the Hall Of Fame, which also includes Buffalo natives the GOO GOO DOLLS, Billy Sheehan, 10,000 MANIACS, and many more. The Class Of 2013 was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame at its 30th-anniversary induction gala, which was held October 3 at the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo.