VARG VIKERNES’ Former Lawyer Says Evidence Is ‘Thin’ In Case Against BURZUM Mastermind

Varg Vikernes' former defense attorney says that there is very little legal basis for the BURZUM leader's arrest in France on suspicion of planning "a large terrorist act." Vikerenes, 40, who has been living in France for the past three years, was taken into custody Tuesday morning (July 16), along with his French wife, Marie Cachet, as a preventive measure after Vikernes posted aggressive racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic comments on Internet forums. The couple's home was searched and five guns were found, including four rifles legally purchased by Varg's wife as a member of a rifle club. "This person, who has close ties to the neo-Nazi movement, poses a potential threat to society, which he has shown through his expressions on the Internet," French Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters.