HAMMERFALL: ‘Bushido’ Single Details Revealed

After taking a creative break last year, Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL are fully recharged and back with a vengeance. The band's new album, "(r)Evolution", will be released on August 29 in Europe and September 2 in North America via Nuclear Blast. The first single from "(r)Evolution", "Bushido", will be released on July 18 digitally as well as on vinyl. The song sums up the band and its history perfectly, seeing as "bushido" means "the way of the warrior" in Japanese. "Bushido" single track listing: A: Bushido B: The Way Of The Warrior (remixed by Fredrik Nordström) The artwork for "Bushido" was created by Samwise Didier and can be seen below. "(r)Evolution" represents yet another reunion of sorts for HAMMERFALL, who hired cover artist Andreas Marschall, the "father" of HAMMERFALL's mascot Hector, to design the artwork for the new CD. "(r)Evolution" track listing: 01. Hector's Hymn 02. (r)Evolution 03. Bushido 04. Live Life Loud 05. Ex Inferis 06. We Won't Back Down 07. Winter Is Coming 08. Origins 09. Tainted Metal 10. Evil Incarnate 11. Wildfire HAMMERFALL's "Gates Of Dalhalla" DVD entered the Swedish Music DVD chart at position No. 4. The set also landed on the German Music DVD chart at No. 6.

DIMMU BORGIR Vs. BUSHIDO: Rapper Accused Of ‘Stealing’ Band’s Music

For the second time in six years, German rapper Bushido (real name: Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi) is accused of having "stolen" music from the black metal band DIMMU BORGIR, this time for his new song "Leben Und Tod Des Kenneth Glöckler" (English-language translation: "Life And Death Of Kenneth Glöckler"). Bushido's track — which will appear on his upcoming album "Sonny Black" (due in February 2014) — allegedly borrows the musical theme from the DIMMU BORGIR cut "Dimmu Borgir", which is featured on the Norwegian group's 2010 CD "Abrahadabra". You can hear both songs below. DIMMU BORGIR in 2007 threatened to sue Bushido for allegedly using melodies from the band's songs on his albums without permission. DIMMU BORGIR manager Yvette Uhlmann stated at the time: "The band was contacted via the Internet and was told that Bushido had stolen the melody of their song 'Mourning Palace' and that he used it in his song 'Mittelfingah'. Since we were not contacted by Bushido through proper channels and told about his desire to do this, it is clear that Bushido has seriously infringed our intellectual property rights." DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz was quoted as saying: "If the German rapper in question does not agree to compensate us adequately, we will sue him! Whoever crosses us will face serious consequences." Bushido was also accused of having stolen music from the American gothic group NOX ARCANA. Bushido allegedly copied music from three of the band's songs: "Beyond Midnight" (used by Bushido on "Weißt Du?" ), "No Rest for the Wicked" (used by Bushido on "Kurt Cobain") and "Cthulhu Rising" (used by Bushido on "Blaus Licht"). Bushido allegedly took NOX ARCANA's recordings, including the complete melodies, arrangement and instrumentation, then simply rapped over the music. He also registered the songs as his own.