MEGADETH Mainman Defends ‘Super Collider’, Rules Out Reunion With FRIEDMAN And MENZA

In a brand new interview with the Las Vegas Sun, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine spoke about the reaction to the band's latest album, "Super Collider", and his plans for the follow-up effort. "A record is that — a record, a piece of time," Mustaine said of the fan response to "Super Collider". "I was going through a lot of really cool stuff with the band, but a lot of really heavy, personal stuff with my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's. So people like some songs, don't like others, and that's always been the way with MEGADETH's fans. They're opinionated. "I think when you have a band that doesn't really follow a set formula, people are going to react to certain songs and not to other songs. I mean, the very first song we ever did, we started with piano. Who would've ever thought that?" Regarding the recent reports that MEGADETH has already begun work on the material for the next CD, Mustaine said: "I do want to continue to write. I think it's fun to write songs and as a musician, sometimes you've got something stuck in your soul that you gotta get it out. "['Forget To Remember' on 'Super Collider'] is this whole process of watching this loved one in my family just melt in front of your eyes; it's hard. It really, really challenged what I was made of; she's still alive, but she's not there anymore. And how do you put that in a song if it's not going to be a sad song? It'd be pretty fucked up to make a happy song about something tragic. "So, yeah, we always have a lot of stuff we want to write about. I think it comes in due time. We're always picking up the guitar and making noises, sometimes it's a cool riff, and you're 'tape that real quick,' and other times it's 'stop.' [laughs] And that's the great thing when you're close like we are. We're four guys who are really, really close, and I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the jam room and told Chris [Broderick, MEGADETH guitarist] to knock it off, and he'll do the same solo for an hour and a half straight. It's Chinese water torture. [laughs]

MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE: Singing ‘Is Not My Strong Point’

Lewis and Floorwax of Denver, Colorado's classic rock radio station 103.5 The Fox recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals) and David Ellefson (bass). You can now listen to the chat below. Asked how he first decided to become the lead singer in MEGADETH, Mustaine said: "Well, my pal here, Dave, and I were auditioning guys and we kind of ran out of patience. The last guy that auditioned as a vocalist came — and we were homeless at the time — and the guy rolled up with a 12-pack of beer, and we thought, 'Great!' Then we got a closer look at him and he had eyeliner on. And we figured, 'As soon as the last beer was down, he was out of the band.' It was New Year's Eve one night, and David just goes , 'Man, why don't you sing?' and I was like, 'Why don't you?' So I ended up doing it, and it stuck. I actually enjoy it a lot of times, but it's not my strong point. I've been working really hard at it the last few years. I wish I would have given it as much attention in the beginning as I do now… It's definitely a unique voice sound. You know, you hear people like Axl [Rose, GUNS N' ROSES] or myself or [James] Hetfield [METALLICA] or some of the other people that are really easily identifiable, it's scarce. Like Chris Cornell [SOUNDGARDEN], you hear Chris, you know it's him." MEGADETH has just completed its run as the headliner of this year's edition of Gigantour, the critically acclaimed package festival founded in 2005 by Mustaine. In addition to MEGADETH, this year's installment of Gigantour featured BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DEVICE, HELLYEAH, NEWSTED and DEATH DIVISION. MEGADETH's latest album, "Super Collider", has sold 61,000 copies in the United States since its June 4 release. The CD arrived in stores via Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, distributed by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). It marks MEGADETH's first release since the band's split with Roadrunner Records.

DAVE MUSTAINE Explains Why DEVICE And HELLYEAH Didn’t Play NYC ‘Gigantour’ Concert

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine explained to Artisan News whyHELLYEAH and DEVICE ended up not playing with MEGADETH at the New York City stop of this year's Gigantour. You can watch the report below. MEGADETH's latest album, "Super Collider", has sold 60,000 copies in the United States since its June 4 release. The CD arrived in stores viaMEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, distributed by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). It marks MEGADETH's first release since the band's split with Roadrunner Records. MEGADETH filmed a video for the "Super Collider" title track on May 10 in the Los Angeles area. California-based model, actress, singer and songwriter Hunter Elizabeth was cast in the lead role in the clip, which she says is "about a high-school couple still loving each other after all the years after graduation, and at the 10-year reunion, both characters find themselves successful (a model and a mathematician) and still very in love."

MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE: No Offense To ROADRUNNER, But We’re A Major-Label Band

O2 Academy TV recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. You can now watch the chat in two parts below. Asked how the switch in record labels from Roadrunner to Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) affected MEGADETH's songwriting approach on its new album, "Super Collider", Mustaine said: "I think it affected the sound of the album, the style of music, the outlook of the band. I mean, no offense to Roadrunner — they did what they do — but we're a major-label band. And when we left Capitol to go to Sanctuary, it was for two reasons. One, I hated that record president that [Capitol] had at that time, and two, Sanctuary made a lot of big promises. And you know, when you think about [IRON MAIDEN's manager] Rod Smallwood, who had a big part to do with the label, that's IRON MAIDEN, and I love IRON MAIDEN, so I thought, 'For sure, this is gonna be great.' Well, it didn't end up being great, 'cause Rod wasn't involved in it as much as my brain would like to have thought. And we left Sanctuary and went toRoadrunner, and it just kept going like this. [makes downward motion with his hand] And I figured, I'm not gonna bail on the contract, I'm not gonna be a scumbag musician like so many musicians are where they stick people with

DAVE MUSTAINE Says EXODUS Would Have Been Most Qualified Candidate For Expanded ‘Big Four’

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine recently spoke to Radio.com about the band's new album, "Super Collider"; almost hiring late PANTERAguitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abott to play in MEGADETH; and politics, among other topics. You can now watch the chat below. Asked which band should have included if the "Big Four" (METALLICA,MEGADETH, SLAYER and ANTHRAX) were expanded and considered the "Big Five", Mustaine said: "You know, people will say there's a whole another generation, like the 'Medium Four' [laughs], and I think there's a lot of great bands that fit that bill, too. But I think probably EXODUS, because there was nobody else at the time that had that kind of pull or that kind of importance in the metal community. Granted, it was with [lateEXODUS singer Paul] Baloff, and Baloff had a voice that you had to have an acquired taste for, but you know, I liked him." "Super Collider" sold 29,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on June 4 via Dave Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, distributed by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). The effort is available as a limited-edition CD with 3-D cover and bonus tracks, regular CD, regular LP, limited LP plus a bonus colored seven-inch single with two bonus tracks, and a download voucher.

DAVE MUSTAINE: ‘It Feels Good To Be Me Right Now’

Jesse Capps of RockConfidential.com recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. RockConfidential.com: With the release of "Super Collider" and being on a new record label, it seems you're really anxious or even hungrier to beDave Mustaine and be in MEGADETH. Mustaine: It feels good to be me right now. I still have moments where it's kinda hard to get outta bed. [laughs] I enjoy my life. I'm going through a renaissance period right now with the band and it just feels like a second childhood. Especially with the record charting as high as it did. Metal is on the rise. I'm really excited about the times we're living in. Unfortunately, metal music is popular when the world is kind of topsy-turvy, but hey — the world has been in kind of a fuck for a couple thousand years.


Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA have reunited with producer Ross Robinson (KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, SLIPKNOT) to record the band's next album, tentatively due in October via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD is currently being tracked at Robinson's studio in Venice, California and is being co-produced by Steve Evetts, who previously worked withSEPULTURA on the "Nation" (2001), "Revolusongs" (2002) and"Roorback" (2003) albums, in addition to having collaborated with Ross on a number of other projects in the past. In the latest entry in the ongoing studio diary on the web site of the Brazilian newspaper Diario de Pernambuco, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser writes: "Around noon of the 11th, Ross, Mike and myself started putting together all the guitar stuff. Before they dismantled the drums,Eloy took a photo shoot with our friend from Indonesia Pheren, a great photographer that lives in LA that we met at our last tour in Asia, great stuff. Drums out, guitar amps in.

SLAYER Drummer DAVE LOMBARDO: The Power And The Aggression Of Heavy Metal Attracted Me

Arutz Sheva conducted an interview with SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo prior to his May 1 drum clinic at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv, Israel. A couple of excerpts fom the chat follow below. Arutz Sheva: You were born in Havana and grew up in a Cuban family. Did you grown up in a traditional religious Cuban family? Lombardo: Yes, very traditional. My dad never even learned English. He just went to work, found a job, worked for a family, bought a house, and then retired. He lived the American dream without speaking a word of English. It still amazes me. My mom can speak some English, but not too much. So the home was fully Cuban. I heard Spanish all the time. When I stepped outside the house, I was in America and when I came home, it was Cuban music, Cuban food, and television in Spanish.