Video: KING DIAMOND Performs At Slovenia’s METALDAYS Festival

Profanity TV has uploaded video footage of KING DIAMOND's July 26 performance at the Metaldays festival in Tolmin, Slovenia. Check it out below. KING DIAMOND in December signed a new three-album worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records. After a six-year touring hiatus, KING DIAMOND triumphantly returned to the stage in 2012 for European festivals Hellfest and Sweden Rock. King, 56, whose real name is Kim Bendix Petersen, underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery in November 2010. He has since completed his cardiac rehabilitation program and has stopped smoking entirely, changed his diet and is getting regular exercise. In a February 2013 interview with Metal Sucks, King Diamond stated: "I had to change my diet and become a nutritional expert, eat much better food. I stopped smoking; haven't had a drag. [My wife] Livia quit, too. We walk at least five days a week. "I felt the benefits during two shows we did [last year]. My voice is now clearer than when I started singing. It was like always driving a used car and suddenly you have enough money to buy a new car. It felt brand new! That's how my voice feels.

KING DIAMOND Slams Danish Journalist Over ‘Most Inaccurate Interview I Have Ever Seen’

Legendary Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond (real name: Kim Bendix Petersen; KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE) has posted the following message on his Facebook page: "A few days ago, I did [a Danish-language] interview with one of the biggest Danish newspapers, and when I got the chance to read it yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the most inaccurate interview I have ever seen. So absolutely wrong, that it's almost funny sometimes. There are passages which have been completely made up, lots of things I would never ever have said, plus the journalist even went so far as to invent titles for songs I have never written. "For those of you who have already read it, you know what I'm talking about. "For those of you who have not yet had the chance to read it, be aware, you're in for one hell of a ride if you come across it. This guy has made me sound like a complete paranoid lunatic. "One thing that might have contributed to this 'interview' turning out to be so horrible is that the journalist did not record the interview, but merely now and then wrote down words onto his notepad.

KING DIAMOND Attends ‘Heavy Metal And Punk Fossils’ Exhibition Opening In Denmark

When a scientist discovers a new and unknown fossil, he gets to give it a scientific name. Some choose a name that reflects the shape of the animal, some choose a name that relates to where it's found, and others choose to name them after their favorite rock stars. A new exhibition, "Heavy Metal And Punk Fossils", explores this more amusing part of natural history by focusing on a series of bizarre fossils that all are named in honor of rock stars. One of the pieces on display will be a 420-million-year-old worm with huge jaws, which carries the nameKingnites Diamondi, named by Professor Mats Eriksson, from Lund, Sweden, after the Danish metal maestro King Diamond. Another equally old and ferocious-looking worm is named Kalloprion Kilmisteri, after Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD. Other fossils that are portrayed in the exhibition are named after members of AC/DC, BAD RELIGION, SEX PISTOLS, and RAMONES. And although not very metal, a fiercely looking dinosaur, Masikasaurus Knopfleri, is named after Mark Knopfler fromDIRE STRAITS.

KING DIAMOND Kicks Off European Tour At Germany’s ROCK HARD FESTIVAL (Video)

KING DIAMOND kicked off its European tour this past Sunday, May 19 at the Rock Hard Festival at Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below. KING DIAMOND's setlist was as follows: 01. The Candle 02. Welcome Home 03. At The Graves 04. Up From The Grave 05. Voodoo 06. Dreams 07. Sleepless Nights 08. Drum Solo (by Matt Thompson) 09. Shapes Of Black 10. Come To The Sabbath (MERCYFUL FATE cover) 11. Evil (MERCYFUL FATE cover) 12. Eye Of The Witch Encore: 13. The Family Ghost Encore 2: 14. Halloween Encore 3: 15. Black Horsemen KING DIAMOND in December signed a new three-album worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records.