Underground: 45Rats – Electric

Greece is well known about a few things. Some of them are its hot and sunny summers, as well as our simplicity. Those elements remind me of the US’ south. Southern USA is the home and land of the blues, the southern electric rock and why not stoner rock as well? As a result, beside the cold blooded but surprisingly explosive black and thrash metal scene, Greece is capable to produce some seriously delightful stoner rock. The record I keep my ears busy with, the second record of 45Rats, can prove me right. 45Rats is a new stoner rock band which contributed our stoner rock scene with their first EP ‘First Gear’, a few gigs and their latest release, titled ‘Electric’. The record includes eight sun-burned, warm, stoner rock anthems, mostly in instrumental form. The band smashes the universe with overdriven guitars, wah parts and a special southern rock vibe. There are plenty of unique guitar riffs to choose and every single song has its own memorable rhythm and pattern. There are also numerous guitar solos, totally proving the fact that the guitars always are the ‘main actors’, the stars in the play titled ‘Electric’. The drums are heavy and groovy, reminding me of the special goal the drummers have to succeed in; adding some serious heaviness in the stoner rock or heavy rock music. Just like the song ‘79’ may be referring to, the band made it possible for us to travel into the mighty seventies via this record. ‘Star 54’ or ‘Double Cut’ mark our journey to the glorious past, with some straight-edge guitar riffs, totally influenced by the blues, as if they originate from the Mississippi.