JASON NEWSTED Says His ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Bandmates Didn’t Show Respect For His Opinion

Former METALLICA bassist and current NEWSTED frontman Jason Newsted spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, the reality television-formed supergroup he launched seven years ago with former GUNS N' ROSES and ROCK STAR SUPERNOVAguitarist Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE) and Canadian vocalist Lukas Rossi. "It was a great experience, I made good money and I think I played some good five-string bass on the recording, so those three things were successful for me," he said. "The whole Hollywood vibe is really, really the opposite of what I am: pretty much the direct opposite. I'm in first, last one out and play like I'll never play again and work as hard as possible all the time. "When I came into SUPERNOVA, I had all my shit together and sat down with these guys and said, 'This is what we need to do if we want to get this record done.' And they went, 'Who made you boss?' So I was like, okay, fine: let's see how this goes…" Newsted continued: "We ended up rehearsing about seven hours total. Total. Ever. "I tried to be a leader — none of those guys have been in as big or as successful bands as I've been in. I wasn't trying to be arrogant, but that's the deal and they should have shown some respect for my opinion and my interest in the leadership role. They had their irons in many other fires at the time and I didn't. I moved out to Los Angeles to focus on that show and they spent more time walking around than anything else. Fortunately for me, at that time I discovered my painting. So if they hadn't been jacking off, it would have given me a chance to paint. So everything for a reason. The record got done, I put a big check in the bank, and now I'm selling my paintings. I make some wicked lemonade if you give me lemons, you know?"

JASON BONHAM: ‘My Dream Is To Do The Hologram Drum Solo With Dad Next To Me’

John Parks of Legendary Rock Interviews recently conducted an interview with Jason Bonham, son of legendary LED ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham. An excerpts from the chat follows below. Legendary Rock Interviews: You've said before that your current touring band, JASON BONHAM'S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE, was in part inspired by the LED ZEPPELIN show at O2 Arena. How so? Jason: It was, but there was also a considerable amount of time between when the actual concert took place in '07 and when the "Celebration Day" CD/DVD was released late last year where I gave it lot of thought. I really started considering it but I was of two minds. At first, I thought I would really just leave playing those songs with those guys at that and I was really worried about what people would think — not critics, but fans in general. I gave it a tremendous amount of thought, and it was a couple of years before I actually took it out on the road and it was well-received. Then, when the actual O2 concert was finally released, I would have never imagined that I would still be playing the material and doing the shows, but it's still doing well. I think the DVD of "Celebration Day"helped, though, people seeing me performing with John Paul [Jones],Jimmy [Page] and Robert [Plant]. It's definitely helped with people coming out to the shows. I think if you were a non-believer before, I feel confident that my performance on that show wa


Canadian metal innovators VOIVOD were joined by their former bassistJason Newsted and DOWN/ex-PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo during their June 23 concert at Hellfest in Clisson, France to perform the songs "Voivod" and "Astronomy Domine" (PINK FLOYD cover), respectively. Professionally filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below. Newsted joined VOIVOD in 2002 and served as producer for the metal legends' self-titled album in 2003 on the Chophouse Records label (in association with Surfdog Records). Longtime friends and pioneers of metal music, Newsted and originalVOIVOD vocalist Snake (a.k.a. Denis Belanger), guitarist Piggy (a.k.a.Denis D'Amour), and drummer Away (a.k.a. Michel Langevin) first began working together at Newsted's Chophouse studio in 1995, intent on keeping the music alive between busy touring schedules. However, withNewsted's departure from METALLICA in January 2001, he was free to join VOIVOD as a full-fledged member and would remain involved with the group until 2008.

JASON BOHNAM On His Father: ‘I’m Honored To Represent Him All These Years After He’s Gone’

Joanie Cox-Henry of Sun-Sentinel.com recently conducted an interview with Jason Bonham, son of legendary LED ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham. Asked about sharing the stage with Ann and Nancy Wilson of HEART to perform "Stairway To Heaven" during the LED ZEPPELIN tribute at theKennedy Center Honors, Jason said: "When I was asked to do'Stairway', I was, like, 'Really? 'Stairway'?' There are some songs you just don't touch. But the arrangement with the choir, orchestra and way the whole band played was very special. Both Robert [Plant] and John Paul [Jones] were blown away by the arrangements. It was cool and different. The respect to the original was incredible and Ann and Nancywere fantastic. There were 50 people bobbing up and down wearing top hats. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you see something like this.


Czech Republic's Muzikus.cz recently conducted an interview with formerMETALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist and currentNEWSTED frontman Jason Newsted. You can now listen to the chat in three parts below. Speaking about his decision to leave METALLICA in 2001, Jason said: "I don't know if this is selfish, and anybody can take it the way they want, or maybe it's egotistical — I'm not sure — but I truly feel that I saved [METALLICA] in 1986 by being the right choice [to replace lateMETALLICA bassist] Cliff Burton] and being able to take all the shit [from the other guys in the band]… and take all the good, too. And I also saved their band 12 years ago by stepping aside and letting them carry on with what they wanted to carry on with. "I was not able to be on the same page with them anymore; they were taking too much time away from the band. We hadn't plugged in our amps for months and months and months by the time that I made the decision and called the meeting to talk to them. There had been so much distraction from actually playing the metal that I couldn't take it anymore. I was busy with my other project — I already started recording. I was already going forward with another project that I was gonna do a worldwide release with, because they weren't spending any time playing any music."