JOE SATRIANI’s ‘Musical Memoir’ Due Next April

Hailed as the Jimi Hendrix of his generation and "a guitar god" by The New York Times, living legend Joe Satriani has long transcended stylistic boundaries with a sound that raises the bar for the broader genre of instrumental guitar rock. With 15 Grammy Awards nominations and over 10 million albums sold, Satriani's six-string secrets have astounded listeners around the world for nearly 30 years, and BenBella Books is excited to announce the April 2014 release of his first authorized literary project, "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir". Told over hours of firsthand, exclusive interviews, the book is co-written by Satriani and award-winning music biographer Jake Brown (HEART,MOTÖRHEAD, Kenny Aronoff, Rick Rubin) and takes fans on their first authorized tour of the story behind his climb to worldwide stardom."Strange Beautiful Music" reveals the creative odyssey that was

Extract From MINISTRY Mainman’s Memoir Available

Metal Forces has exclusively published an extract from the newly released book "Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen", written by MINISTRY mainman Al Jourgensen with Jon Wiederhorn and published through Da Capo Press. A portion of the extract is reprinted below. "You know you're in trouble when you try to say goodbye to your wife and all you can do is gargle blood. I was dying. Well, that was nothing new. I'd tempted fate for more than four decades. I've had kidney failure; liver failure; hepatitis A, B, and C; and I tried to invent D, but all the doctors I saw were too dumb to grasp my creativity. I lost a toe, all my teeth, and nearly an arm, and I'd overdosed on heroin twice and had to be resuscitated. "That's how I was supposed to go out, like a rock-star cliché with a needle in my arm and a groupie on my dick. But that wasn't happening. See, I've always done things back-assward. I became a singer even though I hated singing, sold out to a major record label before anyone even knew who I was, and then wrote slow, desperate, crushing music when everyone wanted to hear fast thrashy stuff.