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NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL Members Like Pussies Too: ‘Metal Cats’ Book Due In May

PowerHouse and The Black Birch have announced the May 2014 release of "Metal Cats" by Alexandra Crockett. "Metal Cats" combines two amazing subjects: the extreme personalities of the hardcore metal music scene and their adorable kitties. These incredibly cute and fluffy felines have been photographed with their loving owners in and around the dark abodes of musicians, fans, and promoters of metal including members of the following bands: BLACK GOAT THRONES ISIS LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH BOOK OF BLACK EARTH SKARP HARASSOR AKIMBO ALDEBARAN ATRIARCH OAK GHOUL LUDICRA HOLY GRAIL XASTHUR CATTLE DECAPITATION MURDER CONSTRUCT EXHUMED MORBID ANGEL MUNICIPAL WASTE SKELETONWITCH GYPSYHAWK NAUSEA PHOBIA NAPALM DEATH Metal isn't all dark and disturbing, violent and misanthropic. "Metal Cats" is proof that while the music may be brutal, the people in the scene are softies for their pets just like the rest of us. A portion of the proceeds from this book and a series of benefit shows held along the West Coast will go towards one no-kill shelter in each of the four main cities visited. Alexandra Crockett, a musician and jewelry designer, has been present and active in the metal community since the age of 15 and is currently a doctoral student in the Bay Area. Beginning her idea for the book by doing promotional photos for bands and friends she would cat-sit for, she found an interesting dynamic between men in the metal scene and their cats. The idea for the book formed around giving accolades to local musicians and artists in the metal scene, while also bringing to light no-kill shelters and their importance for animal rights. "Metal Cats" can be pre-ordered at Amazon. metalcatsphotobook

MORBID ANGEL’s DAVID VINCENT Is ‘Glad’ To See Former Drummer PETE SANDOVAL Touring Again

Todd Owens of Capital Chaos TV conducted an interview with bassist/vocalist David Vincent of Florida death metallers MORBID ANGEL on November 27 at Slim's in San Francisco, California. You can now watch the chat below. Also available is footage of the San Francisco concert. Asked about the status of MORBID ANGEL's longtime drummer Pete Sandoval — who in 2010 underwent surgery after a prolapsed disc — Vincent said: "Pete is no longer in MORBID ANGEL. Pete's concentrating on TERRORIZER. And Timothy Yeung is the drummer for MORBID ANGEL and he's a doing a great job. And we're pressing forward." Vincent also spoke about his guest appearance on the latest TERRORIZER album, "Hordes Of Zombies", and his continued working relationship with Sandoval. "It was a lot of fun [laying down the bass tracks on the CD]. He asked me if I'd be willing to play on the record, and of course I said yes. It's a good record. It's obviously a different style to MORBID ANGEL, and that's OK. We like all kinds of music. So I'm glad that he's actually out touring again and making his way. This is what he does — he plays drums and he's damn good at it. So I'm glad that he has found his place and that he's feeling good about it. And he's getting a lot of support, obviously, from the fans, so everyone wins." Sandoval recently celebrated the 24th anniversary of TERRORIZER's classic album "World Downfall" by performing the LP in its entirety at several shows. He was joined at the gigs by Lee Harrison (MONSTROSITY) and Sam Molina. MORBID ANGEL celebrated the 20th anniversary of its best-selling album, "Covenant", by embarking on the "Covenant: 1993-2013" tour. In 1992, MORBID ANGEL was the first death metal band to be signed to a major record company (Giant Records/Warner Brothers) and "Covenant" was the group's first release for that label in the USA. The LP was issued on June 22, 1993 and went on to garner great critical and commercial success. On the "Covenant: 1993-2013" tour, MORBID ANGEL played the "Covenant" album in its entirety and, after a short intermission, some additional surprise classic cuts.