Report: Riverside, Rex Mundi – Thessaloniki, Greece

Saturday 1/6/2013 and finally the time had come to see for the second time one of my favourite bands "Riverside". The doors were opening 20.30 and i arrived at 9 o'clock. At that time weren't much people at the venue. Fortunately as the time passed more and more people were coming. There was a support band arranged to open the show, but unfortunately their appearance was cancelled due to lack of space on stage (...!), there was no room at all to set their equipment and no chance of using Riverside's, so... No Rex Mundi.. Finally some minutes before ten o'clock we heard the first few notes from the bands intro Nightsession 1+2 so we knew the time had come. 10 o'clock sharp the lights went off and the polish progsters finally got on stage! From the first notes i got in all my body goosebumbs, perfect sound and perfect perfomance, you could hear each instrument perfectly clear, professionalism in every level!!! I have been in over 40-50 concerts, there are very few bands who have such live sound and perfomance. The emotional compositions and meaningful lyrics of the band makes you almost cry in their concerts.