“Prayers/Triangles”, a brand new song from DEFTONES, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming eighth studio release, “Gore”, which will be out on April 8.

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno stated about “Prayers/Triangles”: “I feel like it’s just one of those songs that’s very ‘DEFTONES-esque,’ where that dynamic is there as far as that ebb and flow and that dynamic of just those parts that go at your throat. But, you know, it also has a soothing quality to it as well, and that dichotomy is what makes us who were are, in a way. It’s sort of our DNA. So I feel like it’s a good representation of where we’re at right now and where we’ve been in the past as well.”

“Gore” had been rumored as a title for some time and Chino Moreno recently had some fun with the speculation by posting photos of DEPECHE MODE‘s Martin L. Gore and “A Nightmare On Elm Street”‘s Freddy Krueger character online.

DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter once admitted if it were up to him, the band wouldn’t even bother with album titles. “I’ll be the guy that’s constantly saying, ‘What do we need a fucking title for?'” he told The Pulse Of Radio. “I just don’t, I’m over, you know, naming records and all this and that. You know what I’ve wanted to do with our records? I think it would be cool. I want to put a CD out, it would look and appear to you as a blank CD. Take all the imagery away from the front so you’re purely selling the music.”

“Gore” will serve as the follow-up to 2012’s “Koi No Yokan”, which featured the Top 15 rock radio hit “Tempest”.

The new disc features a guest appearance from ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

Chino Moreno recently told Kerrang! about the new set: “The heavier stuff is a little faster, and the more quaint stuff is a little more lush. It’s extreme in both directions. It’s not happy-sounding. We’ve been enjoying our lives and it’s not coming from a place of anger, or depression, or anything like that. But there’s darker content on it.”

DEFTONES will tour Texas in March and has some festival dates on tap for May.