Being in the position to “judge” a promo work, of an unknown band at its starting position, always seems tough, ‘cause you never know what to expect. Although many times the outcome makes it so fun.

Here we have another example of unexpected quality work of Melodic/Atmospheric/Death Metal by Daylight Misery from Greece. Formed a few years ago, back in 2008 they started working with well known names of the Greek metal scene (incl. Efthimis Karadimas from Nightfall and many more).

In this promo work we can hear three songs from their forthcoming album which is scheduled to be out on November 2009.

All three songs, are in the likes of doomy dark depressive prisma of death metal. Mid Tempo based songs, growling vocals, intense depressive guitar melodies, the presence of  keys wisely used to help the compositions, some female vocals here and there, giving an ethereal glimpse to the songs…

The sound stands out very nice, a very nice work in the mixing process. Being influenced by the works of Amorphis, Draconian, Rapture, Daylight Dies, Sentenced and all these great bands of the Doom Death Metal genre, all songs stand out very nice and will more than satisfy any fan of this metal genre.

I can easily say the songs flow so nice-in terms of duration-, that Daylight Misery are not only for doomsters and depressive addicts, but can be enjoyed by any metalhead. Many melodies that haunt your feelings and “destroy” your mood, in a Perfect black world…Ideal sound, ideal mood…

Winter’s everywhere, in these there songs and hopefully will be everywhere in the full length…

In conclusion, listening to Daylight Misery’s “Promo 2009” made me think that there’s a very professional approach to their work by themselves for their audience.

I look forward for their full length and I think that bands like Daylight Misery give fresh breath to Metal music and inspiration to other bands in general…

November 2009 is close…Be their guest and swim through them…


Track List Line Up
01. Meadows  Of Desire
02. Soul Embraced
03. Depressive Icons
Vassilis “Illdisposer” Mazaris – Vocals
Stamos Kordas – Guitars
Stavros – Guitars
Stergios Kanaropoulos – Bass
Q_Snc – Keyboards
Seraph – Drums

Andrew Koran.