Metalpaths after the first show since the reunion of Septic Flesh, had the chance to speak with the leader of the band Seth, who speaks to us about the forthcoming album of Septic Flesh but also how this reunion came about.

A little later from Septic Flesh appearance in Metal Healing, here we are with the founder of the band Seth. Good evening Seth.

Good Evening.

This is the first live since your recent reunion. Which are the first impressions?

Really the impressions were very good. It was a festival which was hard to be accomplished, the discomfort of the hosts was big and I really believe that the next time it will be even better. The initial attempt was unique and these kinds of motions take up the extreme musical scene in Greece. We generally are satisfied.

Initially according to what we knew the band was to be reunited only for one live, the one of Metal Healing. Later on you announced the fact that it is a normal reunion which will be followed from a new album.

Basically we started for this live as you knew. But thereafter since we were rehearsing there were new tracks which are very good and at this moment we are in the course of a new album which will be recorded Semptember by Octomber. The recordings will begin around the 18th of September and will last for about a month In Sweden with Fredman. I really believe that we have in our hands a very good material. In a few words, this concert reunited us again.

How will the new album be? Will it be something classic Septic Flesh or are you going to experiment?

Basically it will be an extreme album which will have many orchestral parts.

The album’s title?

We’re not sure until now but there are some thoughts for “Communion” or “Annubis”. The certain is that it will have many orchestral parts, my brother will go to Czechoslovakia to record all the orchestrations.

Will the new album also have female vocals?

There will be some, yes.

Has a tour been scheduled after the finishing of the album?

There will certainly be a tour. This time we have signed to Season Of Mist so logically from February either with Mayhem or Rotting Christ namely bands of the extreme black metal space, we certainly will have some tour. Perhaps with other names also but we don’t know it yet. The certain thing is the European tour will be after February.

Now a question that I figure you’d expect. Which was the exact reason that the band broke out?

The reason was that we released an album that really satisfied us a lot, Sumerian Daemons, and afterwards we all wanted to rest. Music is art; it’s not something that should be done for just a motive, that’s very important. So we came back since we saw that we wanted to do it again.

In the past so did you as well as other bands such as Rotting Christ, Nightfall etc. elevated the Greek scene a lot to the Europian space. Which do you think is the reason that this all remained stagnant? Do you believe that the circumstances were more prosperous than now?

The circumstances are the same for all. Greece is not a rock country… it’s about Greek traditional music, we all know that. If you go to Sweden you will see what I mean, they all have a rock attitude in all stuff. Generally in Greece there are a lot of good new bands but perhaps it’s the fault of Greek’s idiosyncrasy which doesn’t let him to evolve and also the fact that the Greek bands haven’t yet realized that to conquer something you have to tire. This is very important. The tours for instance are very tiresome, it’s not just “I do a tour”.

Let’s leave a little from Septic Flesh. You’ve been an arwork creator for many important names of the space such as Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, Nightrage etc. How did you feel having the responsibility for something like that?

Basically let me tell you that Paradise Lost is my favourite band so I’m proud that I did the artwork on their new album. It was a unique moment and I truly felt awesome.

Weren’t you tensed by the responsibility of doing a cover for a band so huge?

Look stress is always there but I know the band well and that worked positively. I’ve also done enough covers for foreign bands. I recently finished the artwork for the new Soilwork album as well as Exodus.

Back to the band. Are you going to record a live cd or maybe write a dvd?

The new album. Nothing more, this is of the essence and that’s the only thing we’re thinking of right now.

Thanks a lot and we wish every success to the continuation of the band.

Be well.

Interview by: Rena Koutsou
Translated by: Thanos Koulouris