Artisan News Service recently caught up with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King to find out if he ever thinks about his band eventually getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Only because… Didn’t METALLICA get in this year or last year or something? And I’m like, oh yeah, they’ve experienced and experimented with more of a pop angle, so I can definitely see them,” he said. “Whether our time comes and people say, ‘You’re going to go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.’ I’d kind of be surprised if we did because we are the anti-everything.”

Watch video footage of Kerry King talking about a possible Rock Hall induction at this location.

Inductees are chosen by the 600 voters of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. Artists are eligible for inclusion in the hall of fame 25 years after their first recordings are released.

On April 4, METALLICA will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS bassist Flea. The announcement was one of several about inductions at the upcoming ceremony, which will be held at the Hall’s Public Auditorium in Cleveland.

The members of METALLICA have been friends with Flea for some time. The band performed at a benefit for his Los Angeles music conservatory last May.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett told about Flea, “It’s cool that he’s not in a heavy metal band but is a well-respected musician you might not expect.”

Frontman James Hetfield told The Pulse of Radio a couple of months ago that the band was having a hard time deciding on who to induct them. “It’s tough,” he said. “We haven’t really, you know, hit the ultimate person who we’d like to have do it. It’s like you want someone who actually you’ve inspired, and you want someone who’s charismatic, who can tell their story, but also you kind of want someone that people actually know who they are. You know, I was thinking, ‘Well, why don’t we just get, like, the uber-fan, you know, go up there and induct us, you know. How cool would that be?’So we’re still going back and forth with all of that.”

METALLICA’s debut album, “Kill ‘Em All”, was issued in 1983.

Hammett also told that former bassist Jason Newsted will attend the ceremony and most likely perform, saying, “He put in 14 years with METALLICA, so I think there’s no reason for him not to be there.”