U.K.’s ANATHEMA will release its eighth studio album, “We’re Here Because We’re Here”, on May 31 via Kscope Records.

Short audio samples of all 10 tracks that appear on the CD can be streamed in the YouTube clip here.

“‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ is ANATHEMA’s most expansive album to date and by the far best thing we’ve ever done,” comments ANATHEMA’s Danny Cavanagh. “Not only have we improved as writers, but because we took our time, we had the opportunity to select the very best material and concentrate on it. We gave the songs the chance to breathe and come alive by themselves and it’s ended up being magical — every song is as good as the rest of them. This album features the best performances by the band ever; Vincent’s [Cavanagh] greatest vocals and John’s [Douglas, drums] and my best writing.”

ANATHEMA’s Vincent Cavanagh goes further in explaining the origins of the album’s enigmatic title: “The title ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ is inspired by a song that was first heard across the Allied trenches of World War One. Sung to the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the song served as a defiant rallying-call keeping up the morale of those who had to endure the incessant carnage and almost unimaginable horror. The spirit behind those words, and the deep questions they raised immediately struck all of us. Therefore we have appropriated these words to reflect the spirit and bond that all six members of the group have with each other. We have shared some incredible experiences, on all levels, and the fact that we have emerged stronger, more determined, and confident in our common vision is a testament to our resilience, both as individuals and collectively.”
Danny continues: “The bond is deeper than the music and you might say the direction of music is a product of our connection to each other; a real family in every sense of the word.”

With that in mind, the band has announced that John Douglas’ sister Lee has joined the group on a full-time basis. She had this to say of her involvement: “It’s great to be more involved musically, and I feel that my vocals are adding a new presence and depth to the dynamic of the group. I’m in it for the long haul, so bring it on!”

The self-produced album was mixed by Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE) and features the exquisite string arrangements of Dave Stewart (STEWART/GASKIN, PORCUPINE TREE) and mastering skills of legendary Jon Astley (THE WHO, LED ZEPPELIN). The song “Angels Walk Among Us” features subtle backing vocals by Ville Valo of HIM.

“We’re Here Because We’re Here” track listing:

01. Thin Air
02. Summernight Horizon
03. Dreaming Light
04. Everything
05. Angels Walk Among Us
06. Presence
07. A Simple Mistake
08. Get Off, Get Out
09. Universal
10. Hindsight

ANATHEMA will play a short series of special concerts to coincide with the album release. Alongside shows in established ANATHEMA territories such as The Netherlands, Turkey and Russia, this spring tour will also see the band play its first-ever show in Bulgaria.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net